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Artistic Beauty and Brahman
« on: September 19, 2009, 11:53:21 AM »
All beauty, artistic beauty, is the beauty of Brahman.  Great
painters, great musicians, great dancers -- all these owe their
arts only to the Brahman's beauty within.  Saint Tyagraja, when
he was very young, was garlanded by Thanjavur king appreciating
his music.  Saint Tyagaraja shed tears and felt that this garland
must have really gone to Rama (Brahman) within!  He immediately
sung another song, Nada danu manusam......  Sivananda Lahari
of Sri Sankara starts: 

Kalabhyaam chudalankrta-sasikalabhyaam nijatapa
Phalaabyam bhakteshu prakatita phalaabhyam bhavatu me
Sivaabhyam astoka-tribhuvana sivaabhyam hrdi punar-
bhavaabhyam aananda sphurad-anubhavaabhyaam natiriyam.

I make prostrations to Siva and Parvati, who form the embodiment
of all arts, whose matted crests are adorned with the crescent
moon, who are to each other the mutual rewards obtained by
their respective tapas, who bestow on aspirants liberation
and other fruits of devotional life, who are the source of abounding
good to the three worlds, who reveal themselves in forms of
every-renewing novelty with the progress of meditation, and whose
experience generates supreme bliss in a mind contemplating on them!

Here Sankara says, that Siva and Uma are the mutal rewards to
another.  If we take Uma as the Jiva, then the reward for Jiva
is Sivam, Brahmam.  And Siva is also waiting to take the Jiva
as reward for Him!  Is not Bhagavan Ramana telling, that all
rivers wherever they go should ultimtely come to the sea for merger?  (Arunachla Pancharatnam Verse 3)

Arunachala Siva.