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The dog in the mirror shop
« on: September 19, 2009, 11:39:15 AM »
There is a beautiful mirror shop, selling all sorts of mirrors,
dressing table mirrors, wall-to-ceiling mirrors, mirrors of all sizes.
The shop is full of such mirrors. Even the pillars inside the hall
of the shop, has got mirrors!

The owner of the shop went away keeping it open for some time.
At that time, a dog entered the shop.  It finds dogs everywhere.
It barks.  They also bark.  I barks uninterruptedly to quell the other
dogs and but they are not to be quelled.  It goes to the pillars.
There again are dogs.  If this dog looks at them, they all look at
it.  The barking continues.  The dog becomes tired and fall fainting.   The owner comes and sees this sick dog and throws it

Then a beautiful young lady appears to buy mirrors.  She is smiling and is a person of permanent happiness.  She also looks at the
mirrors.  She sees beautiful girls there.  She smiles.  They smile
back.  She shows her beautiful back.  They also show their beautiful back.  She is very happy. 

Most of us are like this dog in the story.  We see others and
immediately treat them as 'we'.  What are we?  Full of lust,
anger, hate, jealosy and competition.  So we 'others' too as
lustful, angry, hating, jealous and competitive.  Every other
person waiting before us in the queue is hated by us, not merely
because he is delaying my entry, but we are basically "hateful"
in our nature.  Every person waiting at the bus-stop, is a competitor for us to catch the bus or train.  We see all of them as 'we are'.

But take the girl.  She is beautiful.  She sees beauty everywhere,
every part of her body, including her back, which is beautiful.
She is in fact seeing 'she' everywhere.  She is happy.  She reveals her nature of being beautiful and happy.

Now how would a Jnani see everything?  He has seen the most
beautiful thing in the world, Brahman.  In fact, he is Brahman.
Brahman is the ulitmate in beauty.  All beauties subside in
Brahman.  For such a Jnani, everything is Brahman, because
having seen the best and the one without a second, everything
else is Brahman.  Every person is Brahman.

Bhagavan Ramana says in Sri Akshara Mana Maalai, Verse 8:

Oor sutru uLam vidathu unaikkandu adangita
Un ashagai kattu Arunachala!

Arthur Obsorne gives two different translations for this verse:

a. Display Thy beauty, for the fickle mind to see Thee forever
and to rest in peace,  Oh! Arunachala!

b.  The strumpet mind will cease to walk the streets if only
she find Thee.  Disclose Thy beauty then and hold her bound,
Oh! Arunachala!

Arunachala Siva.