Author Topic: How many births one should take for Self realization?  (Read 2038 times)


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How many births one should take for Self realization?
« on: September 18, 2009, 12:27:57 PM »
The Self Realization is possible only through a human birth,
even though there could be a few exceptions like Cow Lakshmi.
The scriptures say that we are born in 84 lacs wombs before
we get a human birth.  But a human birth may also lead one to
hell, if he does not behave.  If one is fortunate, he will improve
birth after birth, and finally reach a fortunate birth to become
Self realized.

Saint Manikkavachagar says in Siva Puranam, Tiruvachakam:

I was born a grass, a root, a worm, a tree,
Born as different animals, birds and snakes,
Perhaps even as a bacetria, men, ghosts and rakshasas,
As a brahmin, a sage, a deva (god),
And countless plant varieties,
I have taken all births and have become lean and weak now!
O Truth, today I saw your golden feet and attained liberation!

Saint Arunagiri Natha wails at his million births in one of his
poems in Tirupugazh:

See this Brahma is tired of giving many many births.
See this Yama is tired of taking my live in many many births.
The ghosts in the cremation ground are tired of eating my
  half burned flesh and drinking my charred blood.
O Skanda, when shall I attain Your golden feet?

In this birth, we should be fortunate to have Bhagavan Ramana as our Guru to guide us to self enquiry and if we are lucky, we shall attain liberation.  Coming to Bhagavan Ramana itself is a boon for us. Nochur Venkataraman who is born as an orthodox Brahmin
from a Kerala family and who is well read in Ramana literature
and other scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam, Upanishads, Yoga
Vasishtam, Adyatma Ramayanam, Tayumanavar's poems etc.,
says that he is fortunate to find the Ramana Way, as otherwise, he would have become merely a learned person and not an experiencer of the Self. 

Sri Ganesan, son of Sarvadikari Chinnswamy says in his inaugural
speech for one of Nochur Venkataraman Satsangh says, that Nochur is easily the best living person who has attained the Self through Ramana Way and no one else can guide others today in Ramana
Way as he does.
From his Satsangh, I feel that he must have attained the Self,
around 25 years of his age.  He is 35 now.

Arunachala Siva.