Author Topic: Loving the Self and Fearing the world  (Read 1482 times)


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Loving the Self and Fearing the world
« on: September 17, 2009, 11:53:43 AM »
We should love the Self and depend on the Self.  But we should
deal with the world but fear the world. 

Sarvam Vastu Bhayam, says Barthruhari the famous Sanskrit poet.
All worldly objects should give us also a sense of fear and not
merely elation.   A healthy man fears sickness, a learned
person fears that there could be a more learned person to beat him,
and a handsome person may be afraid of disease and decay to his
handsomeness.  The greatest fear for all these, is death, marana

The only fearless state is Self abidance and it is deathlessness.   
This is what Nachiketas asked Yama to give.  Yama wanted to
divert Nachiketas with wealth, kingdom, good food and nice
dancing girls.  Nachiketas asked:  Will they not become old
and decayed?  Will they not reduce in quantity and quality?
Keep these dancing girls with you.  I want only Deathlessness,
where there is no fear and death.  (Katha Upanishad).

Sankara says as to what to do to ward off this fear and death.
Run for the Guru, Run as if your head is on fire!  Run quickly.
Do not say, Tomorrow.  Do not say:  I shall go after watching
this TV serial.  Will you wait for tomorrow or the completion
of the TV serial, when your head is on fire?

Saint Manikkavachagar says in Tiruvachakam, Yathirai Pathu,
Verse 7, Decad on Pilgrimage:

"This world is not going to stand for ever.  Hence, we shall also
not stand here for long.  Let us go to the lotus feet of Siva, our
God with golden hue.  Do not delay, do not stand here.  IF YOU
STAY BEHIND AND DELAY, He will become rare to obtain!"

Arunachala Siva.