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Ashtavakra Gita -2 [What is Liberation and from what?]
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Ashtavakra uvacha: Ashtavakra said:

Verse2: muktim ichasi cettat vishayan vishavat tyaja shama arjva daya tosha satyam piyushvat Bhaja

muktim : Liberation,
ichasi : if you desire
tat: my son
vishyaan :objects of senses
vishavat: as if they are poison
tyaja: reject, renounce.
shama: forgiveness
arjva: sinerity
daya: empathy
tosha: contentment
Satyam: SAT --- Explained below.
Piyuushvat: like nectar
Bhaja: Constantly practice.

We shall meditate on this verse now.
Ashtavakra says "If you desire Liberation, then..."
naturally a question arises: what is liberation and from what? Liberation is for the one who is "bound". So when Janaka requested Ashtavakra to explain how he can get liberation, it means he feels bound, constrained. And so he says, i want to find liberation.

consciously or unconsciously all of us are seeking liberation in some or the other way. suppose i am ill -- 104 fever. And then the fever subsides. I feel "Relief" .that sense of relief is actually liberation from fever.
Suppose i am starving for food and someone offers food, that is liberation from hunger.
Suppose i am held captive, and then released, that is liberation.

So whenever we seek, we seek liberation. Someone seeking money is actually seeking liberation from his or her poverty. someone seeking name and fame is seeking liberation from anonymity. So the person is "getting" some objects to get beyond the bondage of not having that object. This is how we are proceeding.

But the kind of liberation janaka asked is slightly different. The kind of liberation Janaka sought is what liberates a person from all bondage. If i have hunger and someone gives food, he is liberating me from my hunger, but hunger returns. Getting money i am liberated from poverty, but the chance of losing money or becoming poor again is not lost. Even more the charm of being rich is lost very soon. so these are transient liberations. Liberations that are "little" --- liberations that are themselves limited and bound in their capacity.

Janaka is asking for Total Liberation. Liberation from all Bondage. This is possible only for a person who has gone through the turmoils of life and found that these limited satisfactions wont do. Coz they will all soon pass away , the charm is lost and one continues to feel bound and dissatisfied. The sense of incompleteness within, which is filled by "seeking" objects is bound to vanish. so when a person sees this clearly he no more longs for that kind of temporary sense of fulfillment and now he seeks a total sense of fulfillment.

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