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Three ideas to conquer
« on: September 16, 2009, 11:29:08 AM »
The following are three false ideas that should be conquered
before one gets into the path of Jnana.

1. I am the body.

This everyone knows. 

2. The body is mine.

The body is not mine.  It is Prakruti, Nature's property.
It can be taken away be Nature either in instalments
or fully!  People lose their eyes, their limbs.  Their Heart
is transplanted.  They lose their hair and teeth at regular
intervals in parts.  This body is not ours and one should
strongly develop this conviction right from the beginning.
Once there was a brahmin priest of the Asramam.  He had
serious problems in his legs and was bed ridden.  Sri Ganesan
(eldest son of Sarvadikari) came to him and said in pity:
Sastri!  "Your leg, in Tamil, Kaal, has become like this!"
Sastri said:  "Ganesa, no problem. Mukkaal is okay, you know,
by Bhagavan's Grace!"   Kaal also means in Tamil 1/4.  Mukkaal
also means 3/4.  Sastri meant even though 1/4th was gone,
3/4/ was fine due to Bhagavan's grace!  This is the essence of
"The body is not mine - concept."

3. The body is for me.

The body is not for me. It is for the consumption of a million
viruses and bacterias.  They slowly consume the body.  I can never
claim ownership for the body.  It is for the diseases and infections.
They can take the body as and when they want.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Three ideas to conquer
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2009, 02:38:26 PM »
Dear Subramanian,

To elaborate further
I found some notes on this topic by Pradeep Apte(a disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj) here is the snippets:
a book called "I AM (K)NOT THE BODY"


I had a collection of handwritten notes that were prepared while going through two books, the ‘Guru Vachaka Kovai’ (the garland of Guru’s sayings) and ‘Padamalai’. These are teachings of Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi recorded in Tamil verse by his disciple Muruganar made generously available to the whole world in English by Mr. David Godman and his team. I had the feeling ‘I am not the body’ when I held these books in hand even before I had read them. Thus I started taking down notes with this idea in mind and this collection is the outcome of that effort. This soft copy was only recently prepared as I felt that many spiritual aspirants may find them useful as I did.

Dedicated to the Guru of Gurus
Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi
And one of his extra-ordinary disciples

You must have the firm conviction that ‘I am not the body’. The thought ‘I am the body’ is the deceptive device that makes us desire the world as though it were real. Thus we believe that we are entrapped in this powerful snare of bondage.
You must have the firm conviction that ‘I am not the body’. The world appears only due to the confused belief ‘I am the body’ which is said to be the ‘maya’ (delusion or ignorance) that projects names and forms.
The delusion that causes the name-and-form appearance to be seen separate from ‘swarupa’ (Self) is that which insists that the world is real. It begins in the primal ignorance ‘I am the body’, so you must develop the firm conviction ‘I am not the body’
Thus the ‘I’ (or ‘I am’) is real and ‘the body’ unreal and thus these two when joined together cannot constitute a real entity. How can day and night or light and darkness exist together? If one is there the other is not, in the same way no entity comprising of ‘I’ (or ‘I am’) and ‘the body’ exists. Therefore the ‘I am the body’ thought is itself false.
With the rising of ‘I am not the body’ conviction, in whatever body it maybe, the radiance of pure being exists forever, free of limitation, without any bondage, shining as the pure expanse.
The ‘I am the body’ ego is the only cause for alternating between elation and sorrow. When this dies, the feelings of happiness and sorrow that accompany any event will cease completely.
When the ‘I am the body’ knot snaps and you know with absolute certainty that ‘I am not the body’, the ‘atma swarupa’(Self) whose nature is consciousness shines without division. Pure consciousness is undivided without the ‘triputi’ (knower, known and knowing) differences. Pure refers to freedom from attributes, the removal of names and forms that are perceived though objectification.

You can find and read this book online at:
And you can download it in .doc format at: