Author Topic: Rebuttal on Meat Eating Qurus - going to the Indian Press about it.  (Read 1680 times)


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They say the same of Jesus Christ as well in 4 books
and it's a Lie too.

I went to your link and found nothing.

Please , .  .  just give me the pages
where this horror is,  .  . I have all books, first Print.

Also I say it for the third time again : my point is "teachers", not disciples.
Perhaps somebody told that one of the guys did
these sins before enlightment.

But not when ENLIGHTED !

And about Njana or Jnana : do you also really  think that God will give
enlightment to a rapist, an assasin and a torturer of his children?


Would you reward them if they raped your family ?

And why did I come here on this forum?

I was pushed to come here and try to end these stories which are used
by the new www qurus coming from the negatives,
luring their flock into very bad karma and hell for Big_Bang periods of time.

And please look around you in YOUR country India
and ask why the misery happens.
These people suffering  are not incarnated from India.

Many many of India's Jivas who don't kill have a much better future.
Look at me - My last birth was in then India and I did not eat meat.
In that life even the thought of it was impossible as it is now
and here I was born with the distaste and vomitted it
as a baby.

You say that it is NOT important but it is the almost the ONLY sin,
The Almmighty is bothering about.

All other minor little weaknesses
of people are HIGHLY  pushed UP on this earth by the negative power to mask the main
sin by which it establishes Chaurasi,  .  .  the cycle of birth and death.
The owner of this region here which includes Earth
cannot make Souls and this is how at least
he tries to prevent escape by ascention.

Jnana's should see this and without crapsing that there is no knowledge at all.
Only hopeful thinking.

If you think that nice flashes of thought about the Almighty might save you
you are wrong.
Love only can save and killing and torture is the 180° reverse, it is HATE !.

This pulse I have  to write all this and I even contacted the main indian Press
come from within and it's not myself pushing the keyboard..

The Swami and Gurus of Old might after
a century have enough of these insults.

It also destroys also all
what Indian Culture holds dear
and makes India special
on this planet.

And the Internet is a a real flashing and exponential increasing phenomenon
and untruths & some truth go wild in a few days.
Perhaps that is the reason I'm stimulated at the end of my life (82) like this.

I pray God that he will make a success of this striving now
to prevent moo on Youtube's MOOJIJI to spread these lies.
I will not stay on my own.

I phoned him yesterday after 3 times giving him the
possibility to deny it by email c q youtube comment question.
I spoke his Sister and she didn't deny that Moo eats Meat and
according to all Holy  Books Teachings he is a Killer.

He is in the USA and his Sister didn't give his Iphone number.

I will try to phone him 2 times more FOR THE FAIR PLAY.

And if he eats meat I will sacrifice all years which I can hope for
to fight Him with everything I have and the help of The Almighty God,
that would not be a real fight  HâHâ.
That would be an Elephant Hurdle to slash a flee.

All this is to prevent somewhat the greatest sin on earth as Buddha said:

"Corrupting the consciousness of young children" , luring them in this over-kill
and Jesus saying in all the 4 New Testaments :

"On the bottom of the sea with a millstone around their neck"

That is no Silence isn't it, .  .   but love yes, .  . it's LOVE