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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 90
« on: September 07, 2009, 06:58:17 PM »
Sri Sankara then describes in Verse 93, the total description of
Mother's form.

Araalaa kesesu prakriti-saralaa manda-hastie
Sirisaabhaa chitte drsad upala-sobhaa kucha tate;
Bhrsam tanvi madhye prthur urasij'aaroha vishaye
Jagat traatum sambhor jayati karunaa kaacid arunaa.

Thus for the welfare of the worlds abides in all Her glory.
Aruna, Kameswari, the Sakti of Sambhu -- the very embodiment
of graciousness   -- with her locks all curly, her smile naturally
benign, her heart soft like Sirisa flower, her breasts as tight and
hard like grinding stone, her waist extremely slender, and her
hips and breasts generous in size.

Sankara gives her the typical description of a beautiful woman.
Mother is Soundarya Lahari, the flood of beauty.  How else can
he describe Sri Lalita.  She is called Kameswari and Siva is called
Kameswara in Sakta scriptures.  She is having locks as dark and
curly like rainclouds.  Her heart is soft like a sirisa flower, or cotton of the ilavam tree.  She ever smiles benignly.  Her breasts tight and
hard like grinding stone.  Her waist extremely tender.  Sankara wonders in another verse as to how her slender waist could bear
the heavy breasts!  Her breasts and hips are liberal in size.  For
hips, Sankara says in another verse, Himavan, her father has given
all the rocks of Himayalyas to be her form her nidhambam, the hips.

No doubt someone has said:  Sankara is advaitic in outlook.  In his
heart, he is a Sakta, in his appearance he is a Saiva and in his
poetry, he is a Vaishnava.

Arunachala Siva.