Author Topic: Prarabdha for a Jnani  (Read 2124 times)


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Prarabdha for a Jnani
« on: September 07, 2009, 12:36:53 PM »
On 2.8.1939, Sri Annamalai Swami himself asked Bhagavan Ramana:

"Bhagavan!  You have said that once a person abides in Jnana, he
has no three karmas, Prarabdha, Agami and Sanchita.  But Kaivalya
Navaneetam says that even a Jnani has to undergo the effects of
Prarabhda.  How is it?"

Bhagavan Ramana replied:

"Since Prarabdha has been declared to a person even before his
attaining Jnana, the onlookers say that a Jnani should also undergo
the effects of Prarabdha.  There are several examples given in
scriptures.  1. Like an arrow that had left the bow upon a direction.
The arrow will hit even a cow in place of a tiger, even though the cow
was not at all to be injured.  2.  Like an electric fan, which revolves
a few rotations, even after electric connection is switched off.  3. The
burnt rope also looks like a good rope, but is not useful.  4. Even the
trunk of the tree which remains after being cut off, looks green but
will not grow.  5. The roasted seeds look like any other seeds, but
will not grow when planted on the soil.

"The Jnani's Prarabhda is also like these five examples.  In Jnani's
look, there is no prarabdha for him, but onlookers observe that he
is experiencing prarabdha."

(Source:  Sri Ramana Ninaivugal, Sri Annamalai Swami.  Sri Annamlai Swami Asramam, Palakottu, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.