Author Topic: Bhagavan's Aruna Vijayam Day - 2009 - 9  (Read 1305 times)


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Bhagavan's Aruna Vijayam Day - 2009 - 9
« on: September 05, 2009, 12:09:04 PM »
Verse 6 of Sri Arunachala Nava Mani Malai speaks about desires,
all desires including sexual impulses.  Someone this morning asked
whether Bhagavan Ramana had said anything about the matters of

"Killer of Kama" is the name by which Your devotees always call
You.  But a doubt arises if this title truly fits You.  O Lord of
Arunachala, if the title does fit You, how then can the mighty
and invisible kama, though brave and valiant, creep into the mind
of one taking shelter at Your feet, You, the killer of Kama?

Verse 8 speaks about His parents and His birth to Azhagamma and
Sundaram Iyer.

In Tiruchuzhi, the holy town of Bhuminatha, I was born to Sundara
and his good wife Sundari (Azhagamma).  To rescue me from this
barren worldly life, Arunachala Siva in the form of a Hill, famous
throughout the universe, gave me His own state of bliss, so that
His Heart might rejoice, so that His own Being as Awareness might
shine forth and His own Power might flourish.

Verse 9 speaks further:

As mother and father both, You gave me birth and tended me.
And before I could fall into the deep sea called maya and get
drowned in the universal illusion, You came to abide in my mind,
You drew to Yourself, O Arunachala, you whose Being is all Awareness.  What a wonderful work of wonder Your Grace has wrought, my Mother-Father-Lord! 

Sri Arunachala Padigam, (actually 11 verses), then speaks of
Arunachala as Love and how that Love (and Grace) can be attained
only when a devotee loves Him.

Arunachala Siva.