Author Topic: Bhagavan's Aruna Vijayam Day - 2009 - 6  (Read 1187 times)


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Bhagavan's Aruna Vijayam Day - 2009 - 6
« on: September 04, 2009, 06:21:51 PM »
In Sri Arunachala Ashtakam, Verse 1, Bhagavan Ramana says"

"Look, there it stands as if insentient. Mysterious is the way it works,
beyond all human understanding.  From my unthinking childhood,
the immensity of Arunachala had shone in my awareness.  But
even after when I heard from someone that it was only Tiruvannamalai, I did not realize its meaning.  When it stilled my
mind and drew me to itself and I came near, I saw that it was
stillness absolute.

He says in Sri Arunachala Ashtakam, Verse 2, as to what happened
when He came to Arunachala.

Enquiring within 'Who is the seer?' I saw the seer disappearing
and That alone which stands for ever.  No thought arose to say,
'I saw'.  How then could the thought arise to say that 'I did not see'?
Who has the power to explain all this in words, when even You (as
Sri Dakshinamoorthy) conveyed this of yore, in silence only?  And
in order to reveal by silence, Your state transcendent, now You stand here, a Hill resplendent soaring to the sky!

Here, one can say that Bhagavan Ramana's Brahmopadesam, the teaching about Brahman told by teacher during the sacred ceremony is over!  The Brahmopadesam is what?  It is all silence.  It is all
non-moving Hill.  It is all non-moving mind.  Achalamai kanden,
says Bhagavan Ramana in Tamil.  It means both, 1) 'I saw you as
non moving' and 2) 'I saw and my mind became non-moving'.

Once Dr. Syed asked Bhagavan Ramana:  "How can such a large Hill stay in Heart?"  Bhagavan Ramana smiled and replied:  "When you can see Viceroy's House (big Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi) in your dream, can you not have Arunachala in Heart?"

Again when someone else asked Bhagavan:  "Whether the Heart is in body?" Bhagavan Ramana replied:  "Everything in the universe is in Heart!"

Arunachala Siva.