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Sri Rama Darshanam - Through Adhyatma Ramayana
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Darshan means "Vision". This is an attempt to have the vision of Rama and how do we get it? By studying Adhyatma Ramayana.
I deliberately made a controversial statement and I am sure many people may question this. Am i going to actually see Rama ? How can reading a scripture give me Sri Rama's Darshan? Is it not true that no one gets a vision of the Lord without bhakti and hence it is Bhakti and not scriptural learning that is important?

Lots of questions ... and ... i am not going to answer these right away. The Scripture itself provides the answers and we shall see how. Yes, if you faithfully study this, i hope to present the Vision of Sri Rama.Lord Shiva himself blessed Mother Parvathi with this vision. And through sage Vyasa the vision is preserved for all of us.

"Do you mean, i will actually see Rama?" , someone may ask. Yes and in fact, we are Seeing Rama every moment of our lives. This is the fact. God is so nice ... he offered Himself to us completely free. Whether someone is a crook or the most intelligent person on earth, it really does not matter ... this Vision of Rama is available for everyone without any discrimination. Its totally free --- there is no need to beg for it. But we "miss" it. We miss the Vision ... coz we expect something more exotic.

A Story of Sai Baba [of shiridi] comes to my mind as i write this ... A devotee requested Sai Baba to come to his house. Baba agreed to come the next day. Next day, the devotee made very exotic preperations and waited for Baba, but he did not turn up! On questioning , Baba replied "I came three times, but you chased me away" --- Actually Baba went to the devotees house in the form of a beggar, a dog etc. All three times, waiting for a bearded person, he missed baba.

Why did he miss baba? Coz he was looking for a Form and not the True Baba. He was looking for that particular form. That particular name. And its precisely names and forms that cause all confusion [and we shall understand this later].

The Truth ... which is also God ... once recognized, it can be found every where. Once a person recognizes God , every experience in life becomes an experience of presence of God. The recognition is important. Bhakti is supreme, but if its not supported with proper understanding --- it remains a superstition. What can be said about the bhakti of a person who does not try to findout the Truth about God? when someone is deeply interested in God, how can he remain without making attempts to find God? How can he remain without studying scriptures which speak about God? Adhyatma Ramayana addresses such devotees. Who are seeking a vision of God. A vision that is not a mere dream, which is not yet another transitory experience. A vision that is the substratum of all experiences, and which fulfills all experiences. such a vision is presented to the seekers through Adhyatma Ramayana , by none other than Lord Shiva.