Author Topic: Bhagavan's Aruna Vijayam Day - 1  (Read 1205 times)


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Bhagavan's Aruna Vijayam Day - 1
« on: September 01, 2009, 11:55:23 AM »
Bhagavan Ramana, arrived at Tiruvannamalai, on 1.8.1896.  This
day is celebrated in the Asramam today and there will be hundreds
of visitors.  I very much wanted to be in Tiruvannamalai, but Bhagavan willed it otherwise.  I could not reserve room in the guest
house in time.  There were other preoccupations too. 

Bhagavan Ramana, after the death experience in Madurai house
and immediate self realization, stayed in Madurai for about 6 weeks.
He had a burning desire to go to Arunachala.  He was attending
school as if in a dream.  On 29th August 1896, He was sitting with
a vacant look, after writing the imposition on Bain's grammar.  His
elder brother Nagasamy chided Him, stating:  Why all this for a
person like you?  He had a rush in His mind and said that He was
going for a special class on Electricity.  Nagasamy said:  If you are
going, please pay my college fees too on the way.  It was a Saturday.
Bhagavan's paternal aunt gave Him food and He took Rs 3 for the
college fees of His brother.  He left a parting note and went to the
railway station to catch the train.  He reached Villupuram early
morning next.  That is on 30th August 1896,Sunday.  He had only
2 1/2 annas (about 15 paise in today's currency).  He went to a small
eating house and asked for food.  The owner asked Him to wait since
the lunch was not ready.  He took the lunch around noon and gave
that 2 1/2 annas.  But the shopkeeper said No. and bid him goobye.

With that money, He took a train and reached Mambazha Pattu at
night.  Tiruvannamalai was more than 35 miles away, (about 60 kms).
From Mambazhapattu, He walked about 16 kms and reached Arainai
Nallur.  As He went into that temple, He found that He had been
immersed in powerful light!  Tiru Jnana Sambandha had also this
experience. He asked for food.  The priest said No.  He walked another 1 km and came to Kizhur Siva temple.  After watching the pujas,
He wanted some food.  While the priest here too refused, the blessed
drummer gave his portion of rice balls to Him.  Bhagavan Ramana took that food and asked for water in one brahmin house.  He took
the water but soon fainted on the road, spreading all the rice on the
ground.  He 'slept' there.

Next morning, was Monday, the 31st August 1896. Tiruvannamalai
was still about 30 kms away.  He went to the house of one Muthu
Krishna Bhagavatar and asked for some money, by pledging the
ear studs.  The Bhagavatar found it worth several rupees, but
wanted just Rs 4.00!  He gave that money and gave a receipt too
for the pledge!  Bhagavatar's wife gave Him food which He took
only one gulp.  He said:  I have no appetite!  She then gladly gave
Him the sweetmeats prepared for the festival even before offering
to Krishna!  He took it and went to the railway station.  The train
arrived in the morning of 1st September 1896.  He caught the train
and reached Tiruvannamalai around 10.30 am. It was Tuesday,
1st September 1896.

Annamalai Annamlai,
That calls the Jnanis with a call
"Come, come!"
                              -Guhai Nama Sivaya.

Karunarnavamaai karutha kadhi nalgum
Arunachla Sivam ithaam.

This is Arunachala Sivam, that which confers
liberation for those who meditate on this ocean of grace.

                                 - Bhagavan Ramana.

Arunachala Siva.