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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 20
« on: August 28, 2009, 01:02:48 PM »
So, what does the verse 3 say in a nutshell?

1. It needs amala-madhi.  In Sanskrit, Bhagavan Ramana says:
"pravistaya tyamalamadhiya.."

2. With that pure mind, investigate where the I rises.

3. Find out the true form of 'I' very thoroughly.  Nangu ari, says
Bhagavan Ramana in Tamil version. "avagamya svam rupam",
He says in Sanskrit.

4. There the 'I' merges in the Self.  Angu Oyum... says Bhagavan
Ramana.  Like rivers in the ocean. 

5. And that Self is Arunachala, Brahman or the Self.  Meditate
on That.

Many devotees asked Bhagavan Ramana the question:  "How
the Arunachala Hill help me in self enquiry?"  Bhagavan Ramana
said:  "Look at It.  Circumambulate It.  Do not think It as merely
a Hill, very large."  Do not ask, "How can the large Hill enter into
my Heart?"  "It will enter your Heart.  It is the Heart!" 

Muruganar during his days with Bhagavan Ramana, used to stand
and look at the Hill, particularly on the Full Moon nights, with a
gaping mouth!  Viswanatha Swami used to joke:  "Swami, are
you taking Arunachala into your mouth?"   This is the Arunachala
meditation, Arunachala investigation, the summum bonum of
self enquiry.

Lakshmana Sarma, WHO, has written a verse as a paraphrase
for the 3rd verse.  The English reading is as under:

"Searching for the Truth of oneself, with the exceedingly pure
mind diving into the Heart to find 'Whence arises this I', if one
has the experience of Thee as the Self who is Pure Consciousness,
then the mind becomes forever still in Thee like the river that has
joined the ocean."

Lakshmana Sarma, WHO, has written 31 verses in Sanskrit in
his Vartikam for the second verse.  This elaborate commentary
cannot be discussed here.  I shall however, give the translation
of a few verses.

Vartikam 50:  Eliminating its unconscious parts, namely the body
etc., and taking up the pure 'I' which is of the nature of the consciousness, one should seek the Source of it, (the I), namely
the Self.

This pure mind will show you many traps.  We shall be thinking
that this state of mind is pure mind, that state of mind is pure
mind etc., All these are traps.  That is why, Nochur Venkataraman
says, if one goes to Guru, he will know the state of pure mind and
will guide you properly.  During Krishna's time, there was one
Poundraka Vasudevan. He was a rascal, who posed himself as
Krishna.  He got fixed a iron disc on his body, fixed two artificial
hands and called himself as Krishna and went around.  Krishna
had to kill him and show that he is the real Krishna!  Like this story,
many facets of impure mind will give a posture as pure mind.
Only a Guru can identify your true state.

Vartikam 52:  As a dog seeks his master taking hold of his scent,
so the mind should seek its own Source, taking hold of the purified

Arunachala Siva.