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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 18
« on: August 28, 2009, 12:14:40 PM »
This is the mischief of Vikshepam.  He decides.  Let me go to
one chap and see what I can do.  He goes to Shirdi Saibaba,
this Swami, that Swami.  Finally he catches someone.  He gets
a mantra.  He starts chanting and meditating.  This is Layam.
There is only one mantra, one guru, one satsangh.  But this
is not the way out.  This Layam gives sleep.  Many people mistake
this layam or single stream of thought as self realization.  They
live in a state of stupor.  No activity.  But this is not the end in
itself.  Jatini Sundarambal, did exactly the same, with one mantra
and she got stuck in Sushumna chakra and did not find anything
further.  Bhagavan Ramana told Kunju Swami to take her to the
Hill and go for outward attention to get out of this stupor.

The third is Kaashyam.  This is a state where there is no thought.
There is no sleep.  The mind is empty, but he lives in a state
of vaccuum.  This creates boredom, self pity, and it sometimes
lead to suicide and psychiatric problems also.  This is the cliff-
point.  From here, there are several ways of proceeding further.
One is to again send the mind outside.  Since the mind is empty,
Nirmalam, it can make the person discover and invent scientific
truths and sometimes profound artistic forms.  Kekule found out
the structure of benzene from this state.  Newton found the gravitational theory and newtonian physics from this.  Van Gogh
had the finest paintings from this state.  But a few sincere seekers
this state of vaccuum brings about a mind-free state, egoless
state, with Guru's grace to the doorway of Self enquiry.  "This is
the state can be converted into a ever-blissful state." says

Vikshepam   - Bring it to a stablity of one thought.
Layam -  Come back to stablilty in action.
Kaashayam -  Bring that state of nirmalam to the path of self enquiry.

Do not get bored by the state of nirmalam or emptiness to the
path of self enquiry.  The shallow peace of that state will,
if properly directed, take to you the state of Peace.

Bhagavan Ramana said about the Dancing of the Heart in Verse
2.  This is the understanding of the Dance of Nataraja in the Hall
of Consciousness.  But this dance should not merely be understood.
It should be pursued, and we should  become that State!  The
state of Peace, that passeth understanding.

For this what should one do?  From that mind which is dirt-free,
Nirmalam, one should realize the true form of Arunachala, the
dancing Siva of Chidambaram, becoming the motionless Arunachala! 

Bhagavan Ramana uses the word, amalamadhi, the dirtless mind.
Pure mind.  This is the Chittasuddhi which is a pre-requisite.
The purity of the mind is important for self enquiry.  That is why
Bhagavan Ramana told some devotees to chant one mantra like
Siva, Siva... to get this dirtless mind, the mind not rubbished by
a stream of other thoughts.  This pure mind confers a pure
thought of enquiring the Self.

Arunachala Siva.