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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 75
« on: August 26, 2009, 01:37:38 PM »
Sri Sankara Vijayam, Sri Soundarya Lahari:

Verse 56:-

Tavaaparne karne-japa-nayana-paisunya-cakitaa,
Niliyante toye niyatam animesaah sapharikaah;
Iyam cha srir badhhac-chada-puta-kavatam kuvalayam
Jahaati pratyushe nishi cha vighatayya pravisati.

O Aparna!* The female fish hide themselves in water in fear,
afraid of the tell-tale activities of Your eyes against them,
their rivals.  Sri - the goddess of beauty, abandons the closed
petals of the blue lily during the day, in order to reside in Your
lotus-like eyes, and return again at night to the blossoming blue
lily, when your eyes are closed in sleep.

The saint poet fancies the following from Nature:

1.  The fish are habituated to live under deep waters.  But it is
fancied that they are afraid because of Mother's long eyes extending
upto her ears, which is again fancied that they are engaged in tell-tales about the fish.

2. The blue lily blooms at night and closes the day.  The blue lily
is compared to Sri, Lakshmi.  They get their loveliness from Devi's
eyes at night, when Devi sleeps.

Sankara further says in Verse 57:

O Consort of Siva!  Grace my miserable self too, in spite of being
my being far removed from You, for lack of devotion, with the
long-ranging and compassionate look of Your eyes, which defeat
the slightly blooming blue water lily in beauty. By this my humble
self shall feel blessed, while to You, it involves no loss.  The rays
of the moon fall alike, indeed, on a mansion and a wilderness.

Arunachala Siva.