Author Topic: Bahya Sanyasam (Outward show of ascetism)  (Read 1360 times)


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Bahya Sanyasam (Outward show of ascetism)
« on: August 26, 2009, 11:27:35 AM »
Bhagavan Ramana had told many devotees who wanted to take
up ascetism that such a step was unnecessary.  True ascetism
is abhorrance of ego and not outward show of wearing ochre
robes and a rudraksha or tulsi beads.  He prevented many devotees
from embracing outward ascetism.

Bahya sannyasam or outward embracing of a Sannyasm is only for
who had gone through the three stages of celibate younger years,
householder ship and forest dwelling (with or without wife) and
then embracing asectism.  The idea is to leave all reading of brahmacharya, earning money and enjoying conjugal life as a householder and then experimenting for sometime in forests about
leaving every thing and finally embracing Sannyasam leaving everything including the ego.  This was specially prescribed for
brahmins who were steeped in first three stages.  Since in modern
days, we do not follow the first three paths correctly, where is the question of specially embracing the fouth path?  Forsaking the ego
alone would do.

Once a Western devotee who spent good time in the Asramam, came to Bhagavan Ramana and asked permission for taking up ochre robes.  Bhagavan Ramana dissuaded him and told him to leave the
ego first.  He was not satisfied.  He went to North India and caught
hold of some Sannyasi and took inititation to become a Sannyasi.
He started wearing ochre robes and beads.  Then he came to the
Asramam.  Near the foot hills, he was waiting for Bhagavan Ramana
with his new attire!  Bhagavan Ramana came near, looked at him
and pitied him.  He said:  "O this attire of a baffoon is fine for you!"

Arunachala Siva.