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Sri Vinayaka Chaturthi - 23.8.2009 - 4
« on: August 23, 2009, 03:20:45 PM »
Ganapati's stone image can be seen in any towns or villages in
Tamil Nadu.  There is no need for an elaborate temple.  On the
banks of rivers and tanks, under a banyan or peepul tree, one
can see Ganapati.  But there are some specific temples and shrines
for Ganapati in Tamil Nadu.

Starting from Chennai, in the city, the temple in Tiruvallikeni
near the beach of Bay of Bengal, is very popular.  He is a quite
powerful and popular deity that students throng him for good
results after examinations.

In Thanjavur town, there is a Ganapati deity, on the outer portal
of a Devi temple.  This deity is called High Court Ganapati!  I believe there was some tussle between two groups of devotees as to where to place this deity and High Court gave a verdict to place it at the
entrance of Devi Temple!  Near Thanjavur, on the banks of Kaveri
river, there is a village called Ganapati Agraharam, where there is
a small but good temple for Ganapati.  There were brahmins in the
past who were doing fire sacrifices and were following exlcusive
Ganapati worship, called Gaanapatyam by Sankara.

Down south, in Tiruchirapalli, on the vertical heaps of shelves of
rocks, there is an exclusive Ganapati Temple, which is quite
famous throughout Tamil Nadu.  This Ganapati is called Pillaiyar
at the summit, or Uchipillaiyar. Uchi is summit.  Pillaiyar means
venerable son, son of Siva.   On this Vinayaka Chaturthi day, lakhs
visit this temple and have darshan and it is open almost 4 am to
11 pm at night.  There are concerts, bhagavata pravachan ec.,
for 10 days.

From the town of Tiruchirapalli, if one crosses Kaveri river, about
2 km from the famous Sri Rangam Temple of Narayana, there is
a Devi temple called Tiruvanaika.  Here the goddess Akhilandeswari is there.  Siva is called Jambukeswara.  This the temple for Water
principle, among the 5 elements.  Here, in front of Devi, there is
an Omkara Ganapati shrine.  This is quite popular.  Devi was pacified when she was ferocious after the conquest of Mahishasura, by installing her son, Ganapati in front of her!

Further south, there is the famous Tiru Navalur Ganapati.  This is the deity which was prayed to by Nambi Andar Nambi, when he was young.  Nambi Andar Nambi is the forerunner for Saint Poet
Sekkizhar, who wrote Periya Puranam.  Nambi wrote a poem of about 100 songs, covering all the 63 Siva Saints in a crisp manner.  He must have lived around 9th century AD.

Deep south, near Karaikudi, there is again a famous Pillaiyar Patti Temple.  This Ganapati is the family deity of Chettiars in and around Karaikudi and Sivaganga.

In Mumbai, people speak the powerful deity of Prabha Devi Ganapati.   

Avvaiyar the famous Tamil saint and poetess was a great devotee of Ganapati.  She had written many verses on Ganapati.  Ganapati lifted her up with his trunk, from his temple, and placed her in Kailas, when her mission in the world was over!       

Arunachala Siva.