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Sri Vinayaka Chaturthi 23.8.2009 - 1
« on: August 23, 2009, 12:08:58 PM »
Today, the Chaturthi (4th day) from new moon (Sukla Paksha)
of Sravana month, Sri Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated.  Sri
Vinayaka has no beginning and no end.  Today is the day when
we remember him and do pujas and offer flowers, aruga grass,
fruits and modhakam (jaggery and desicated coconut preparations).

Sri Vinayaka is the elder son of Siva.  He is the giver and remover
of obstacles in life.  He causes obstacles and also removes them
when one prays to him.  Siva, Narayana, Devi and Skanda looked
for his help at various times.  When Siva went on his chariot to
vanquish Tripura, he did not pray to Vinayaka beforehand.  The
son made his father's chariot wheels to break!  Siva prayed to
Vinayaka and then Vishnu became a bull on which Siva mounted
and looked at Tripura and smiled.  Tripura was burnt.  Rama went
to kill Ravana without praying to him.  Vinayaka made him to pray
and then proceed.  Krishna saw the fourth digit of the moon while
going to Jambavan's cave.  He had problems.  The syamanthaka
gemstone was missing and people blamed Krishna for having
stolen it.  Krishna as a retribution looked at the fifth digit of the
moon and prayed to Vinayaka in the next month and the blame
was annulled.  Skanda was helped by Vinayaka for marrying
the hunter's daughter, VaLLi.  Devi prayed to her son Vinayaka
before going for war with Mahishasura and she was blessed.
Thus Vinayaka played a role in creating/removing obstacles in
the lives of gods.   

Vinayaka is easy to pray.  A bunch of aruga grass is enough.
Offerings of any fruit can be submitted.

Vinayaka and Skanda are not born through the union of Siva
and Uma.  Vinayaka was made to appear when Uma prepared
a turmeric paste form of him.  Skanda was born from the third
eye of Siva.  Vinayaka is called Dvai-mathura, with two mothers,
Uma and Ganga.  Skanda is called Shan-mathura with six mothers,
since six Kartika stars suckled him.

Vinayaka is quite famous in Tamil Nadu.  So also in Maharashtra.
Lokamanya Tilak introduced Vinayaka worship as a common god
for all Hindus.

Vinayaka's name comes in classical and medieval Tamil literature.
Sangam literature praises him.  Saint Arunagiri Natha sings him
in Tiruppugazh.  Every poetic work starts with a prayer to Vinayaka
or Siva or impersonal God.

The famous Siva saint Siruthondar, brought the famous Vatapi
Ganapati from Hoysala kingdom, in present Northern Karnatka.
Nambi Andar Nambi the famous fore-runner of Sekkizhar (who
wrote Periya Puranam) sings Ganapati's glory.  He fed Vinayaka
with food which was eaten by Vinayaka!  Bhakta Vijayam saints
of Maharashtra have praised his glory.

Let us see Vinayaka in Tiruvannmalai Temple and also in
Bhagavan Ramana's life.

Arunachala Siva.