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Sri Vinayaka Chaturthi - 23.8.2009 - 2
« on: August 23, 2009, 12:40:20 PM »
In Big Temple, Tiruvannamalai, as you enter through Eastern
towers, to your left, one can see Mangai Vinayaka and Thirai
Konda Vinayakar.   This Thirai Konda Vinayakar has got a story
behind. It is a small stone icon, hardly visible through the window.
Once Guhai Namasivaya was staying in the Hill, a chieftain from
nearby town attacked Tiruvannamalai and plundered wealth
and took away the women.  The local chieftain and the people
rushed to Guhai Namasivaya and requested help.  Guhai Namasivaya
prayed to Siva:  O Siva, what is the use of your pick axe and fire?
What is the use of your third eye?  Are you sleeping?  Why not
help the people of Annamalai? Siva sent his son Vinayaka in the
form a rogue elephant.  The rogue elephant went angrily and
attacked the barracks of the invading chieftain and killed the
horses and army.  The chieftain prayed to Ganapati and he
told the king to return all wealth and women and withdraw without
even thinking of attacking Annamalai again.  The god also told
him to pay a monthly tax to the people of Annamalai! The invading chieftain agreed and withdrew.  The local chieftain installed a
small Vinayaka in the Temple and he is Thirai Konda Vinayaka,
the god who took monthly tax from the chieftain!

As you go further into the Temple, you see another Vinayaka
near the Parrot Tower of the temple.  Further, in the outer
precincts of Siva shrine, you see two large redstone Vinayakas
called Vijayaraghava Vinayakas. 

There are Vinayaka idols in the second inner portal and third
inner portal too.

Sri Vinayaka has played roles in Bhagavan Ramana's life too.
When He was on the Hill, in Virupaksha Cave, in the year
1912, He had sung a poem on Ganesa.   There was a small idol in the niche of the Cave and Iswara Swami requested Him to compose
a song on that Ganesa. Bhagavan Ramana has composed a song on him.

Ganesa in the Niche:

O you made your father Siva, an alms seeker.  But as a child
you took care of your pot belly!  Has your heart become a stone,
O Ganesa in the niche?  Please look at this child who was born
after you and take care!

Bhagavan Ramana says He was born next to Ganesa, since he
was Skanda-avatara.

In Sri Arunachala Aksharamanamalai, Bhagavan Ramana
prays to Ganapati in the invocatory verse.  Karunakara Ganapatiye,
Karam AruLi kaappaye....!

In Mother's Temple inside the Asramam, there are Vinayaka
and Skanda to the right and left of Matrubhuteswara Linga.

The people whose name was Ganapati and those who were
devoted to Ganapati, also played a role in Bhagavan Ramana's

Arunachala Siva.