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Muruganar's Liberation Day - 20.8.2009 - 5
« on: August 22, 2009, 02:34:50 PM »
As mentioned earlier, at Muruganar's request, Bhagavan composed
some verses as translation from Sanskrit works.  Later, when
Muruganar wanted original Tamil verses on Jnana and Atma
Vichara, Bhagavan Ramana wrote the ULLadu Narpadu.  This
was in 1928.  At Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni's request, He wrote
two benedictory verses, one on Sat and other on the primordial
Siva.  This was published by Sarvadikari in 1931.  The Sad
Darsanam - Supplement came in 1940. Tiru Undiyar, Upadesa
Saram also was written around the same time.  And it was
interlaced in Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai.

Muruganar's Guru Vachaka Kovai was composed over a long
period.  It contains quintessence of Bhagavan Ramana's
teachings but in an elaborate manner.   In this Guru Vachaka
Kovai, there are 28 verses made by Bhagavan Ramana Himself.
Totally this work consists of 1282 verses.  Sri Sadhu Om wrote
a brief commentary and glossary for this and it was first published
by Ramana Kendra, Delhi (by Prof. K. Swaminathan) in 1980.
Sri Ramanasramam took it as its own publication from the second
edition in 1996.  Recently David Godman has written an English
commentary with a lot of references to Bhagavan Ramana's life
and teachings, in many places.  This is published by Avaduta
Foundation, U.S. and is sold by Sri Ramanasramam in India.

Muruganar wrote a commentary in Tamil for Bhagavan Ramana's
Sri Arunachala Aksharamanmalai and this was perused and corrected by Bhagavan Himself in 1944.  The book came in 1952.

Bhagavan Ramana's Presence continued Its work of making
Muruganar rain in verses about Bhagavan.  His thousands of
verses came as Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham, a nine volume work,
duly published by Ramana Kendra, in 1979.  This Sri Ramana
Jnana Bodham, comprises, interalia Padamalai and other great]
works.  Pada Malai was translated by David Godman and published recently.  Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham, a nine volume work has
no reprint.  A few copies of this compendium were sold upto
2007-2008 and these have been exhausted.  (I could get about
6 out of 9 volumes in 2008).

Muruganar also wrote Sri Ramana Anubhuti in two volumes.
The first volume is titled as Sri Guru Ramana Prasadam and
the second volume is called Sri Ramana Anubhuti.  Both the
volumes are available in the Asrmam.  The first volume has
been rendered in English recently by Robert Butler.  Muruganar
has also composed a work called Sri Ramana Anubhuti Venba.

Arunachala Siva.