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Muruganar's Liberation Day - 20.8.2009 - 3
« on: August 22, 2009, 01:27:12 PM »
Muruganar describes his first meeting with Bhagavan Ramana:

" I sat before Maharshi.  I had already felt that there was some
change in me since two days, from the day I had come.  I felt
I was slowly losing my body consciousness, my mind had stilled.
I became nervous but the shining presence of Bhagavan Ramana
and the effulgence that was engulfing His body told me within,
that this experience of mine too should be for the good. I lost
my individuality completely.  But the fear of losing me and consequently my ailing mother at my place shook me.  Kunju
Swami, Dhandapani Swami and Arunachala Swami were there
with me.  A large ocean seemd to engulf me.  The fear increased.

"I felt like telling Bhagavan Ramana, 'Maharshi!  I am not able
to bear with this effulgence even for a few minutes.  How did
your great mother bore you in the womb for ten months? What
a great wonder!*

"I quickly prostrated to Him three times and rushed out."

Murugnar explained his position to the three people mentioned above.
They told him about Bhagavan Ramana's greatest grace would
always do great benefits for the sincere devotees and there would
be nothing that would cause him fear or loss in life.

Muruganar again came to Bhagavan Ramana around Christmas
1923.  He had the same experience!  This time, he left the Asramam
at midnight and came to Madras, without even prostrating to Him
and taking formal leave!

Arunachala Siva.