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Murugnar's Liberation Day - 20.8.2009 - 2
« on: August 22, 2009, 01:14:26 PM »
Muruganar should be ever thankful to his father in law Dhandapani
Swami, an older devotee of Bhagavan Ramana.  You must have
seen his photograph, a tall, stout, potbellied man who was wearing
only a towel.  Muruganar was basically a Siva Siddhanti, Siva
qualified non dualism.  It was Bhagavan Ramana who made him
a pure ajata vada advaiti.

We must remember Muruganar for more than one thing.  First,
he was instrumental for the two great works of Bhagavan Ramana,
Upadesa Undiyar and ULLadu Narpadu.  The first was made by
Bhagavan Ramana, when he requested Him to write some poems
about pure Jnana which Siva preached to sages of Daruka forest,
who were karma margis.  Muruganar had written some 70 verses
about Daruka forest story and he wanted Bhagavan to complete
it by writing about Atma Vichara which Siva preached to the sages.
Bhagavan Ramana composed the famous Upadesa Undiyar.  This
is a three line verse called Kali Thazhisai in Tamil, styled as Tiru
Undiyar of Manikkavachagar in Tiruvachakam.  This 30 verse
work alone and Muruganar's original verses, became world famous
in due course.  This was translated into Sanskrit as Upadesa Saram.
Bhagavan Ramana Himself translated them into Telugu and Malayalam

Secondly, Muruganar requested Bhagavan Ramana to make some
verses on Jnana Marga.  Bhagavan Ramana first wrote some verses which were translation of Sanskrit poems like Atma Vidya Vilasam,
Yoga Vasishtam etc.,  Murugnar told Him to make some original
verses, which He made subsequently.  The total numbers came to
40 and Muruganar named it ULLadu Narpadu, Forty Verses on
Reality.  It was a classical custom in Tamil literature to compose
40 poems as a group under the same subject.  We have forty verses
on good, forty verses on bad, forty verses on winter, forty verses
incorrect paths in life etc.,   Thus Bhagavan Ramana's work on
the subject of Sat or ULLadu in Tamil, became ULLadu Narpadu.

The translated verses were later grouped into another forty.

These two became Sad Darsanam and Sad Darsanam, Supplement

Upadesa Saram and Sad Darsanam along with Who am I? become
the three cadinal works of sublime teachings of Bhagavan Ramana. 
Arunachala Siva.