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Ganapati and Kubera
« on: August 21, 2009, 01:21:21 PM »
Once Kubera wanted to give a dinner to Siva.  Kubera is the
personification of all wealth and treasures. Due to these, he
was arrogant too.  When Kubera went and requested Siva, he
said:  You know I do not go anywhere.  You can take Ganapati
in my place.  After his eating, if there is some prasad, please
send it through him.

Ganapati went to Kubera's home.  He first ate all the cooked
food, then the uncooked rice, pulses and vegetables, then
even the vessels, tree and plants in the garden.  Kubera lost
all his treasures.  Ganapati was still hungry.  He said:  Give me
something, give something more.  Kubera did not know what to do.
He went to Siva and cried.  Siva said: Is it so? He is a young boy.
Though fatty, he does not eat much.  Let me see.  Siva took a handful
pounded rice with him.  He gave that rice to Ganapati and Ganapati
was satiated. 

This world is also like Kubera, a lot of riches are there.  If one
becomes arrogant with his riches, then the mind, Ganapati will
start its game.  Nothing can satisfy the mind, nothing can satiate
the mind.  Only Siva's grace, his handful pounded rice will quell
the mind. 

Siva is purnam.  Kubera, worldly riches are apurnam, incomplete,
deficient.  To satisfy our mind, we should seek purnam.  We
all start with apurnam and end in Purnam.

If medicines could confer disease-free long life, then doctors
should live for 150 years.  Do they live?  Worldly riches are
like medicines, take them in limted quantities and seek healthy
long life with Siva.

Arunachala Siva.