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Sahadeva's View
« on: August 21, 2009, 11:00:28 AM »
Sahadeva is one of the five sons of Kunti, i.e. Pandavas.  When
Pandavas were denied even five towns, or five houses or even
one house, by Duryodana, it was decided to send Krishna as
the messenger for settlement.  Krishna asked Arjuna first.
Arjuna said:  Why reconciliation?  I shall take up my bow and
arrows and kill them all.  Krishna then asked Bheema.  Bheema
said:  No business of this messenger going and kneeling before
Duryodana.  I shall now take my "gatha" (a weapon) and kill
them all.  Krishna then turned towards Nakula.  Nakula said
I do not know anything.  Please do whatever pleases my other
brothers.  Finally Krishna turned towards Sahadeva.

Sahadeva is a great Jnani.  He is considered equal to Vidura and
others.  He knew that it was all Krishna's game, a war would come
and many would die and this reconciliation would not help.  But
he wanted to play his own game to Krishna.  He said:  I shall
tell you four things.  Can you listen to me? 

He then said:  Firstly, give the kingdom to Karna, the great warrior
and a philanthropist in Duryoadana's army and who is also the
eldest brother for Pandavas.  Secondly, you tonsure the head of
Draupadi.  It is she who had said that she will not plait her hair
again unless she bathes in Duryodana's blood, (for the ill-treatment
in the king's court earlier).  Thirdly, kill Arjuna and Bheema, because
it is they who are rajasic and shout for a war.  Fourthly, I have to
to tie you (Krishna) in a room, so that you will not go around making
mischiefs.  Krishna smiled and said:  Okay, I agree to all that you
say and I shall  do them.  But how can you tie up inside a room?
He disappeared and 1000 Krishnas appeared in Dwaraka, Badri,
Brindavan and Mathura.

Sahadeva sat quietly and practised yoga and saranagati, total
surrender to Krishna.  Krishna could not hide for long. He came
and rested peacefully in Sahadeva's Heart.  This is total surrender,
poorna saranagati, which nets even gods into your Heart.

Manikkavachagar said:  See, he is trapped in my net of bhakti.
Bakti valaiyil paduvon kanga.....(Tiruvachakam)

Arunachala Siva.