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Mind and Body and Arunachala
« on: August 20, 2009, 03:33:32 PM »
We are all eager to preserve our individual self, which represents
self-respect, respect to our personality and body.  In churches,
we see Priests addressing the listeners:  O sinners!  They keep
quiet.  When they come out, you call one of them, "Aye, Sinner
come here."  He will shoe you.  We are always self conscious,
about our body and self.  You cannot call a short man, O shortie!
or a fat man, O fattie.  He gets angry.

A true sadhak or Jnani does not care about his personality,
which is mindfulness or his body, body consciousness.

Bhagavan Ramana covers both these points in Arunachala

In Verse 77, He says:

O Arunachala, you remove the self respect of those who are
are always concerned about their self respect and then shine!

This is removing mind-fulness.

In Verse 85, He says:

O Arunachala, you tonsured (my head) me and danced with
me naked in the Pure Space!

This is removing the body consciousness.

This tonsuring is symbolic. Ascetics tonsure their heads once
in a month on the full moon day.  Bhagavan Ramana did that.
Devotees go to Tirupati and Pazhani and have a tonsure of their
heads.  This is only to remove the personality or body consciousness, at least symblically. 

This is the conquest of mind and body.

Arunachala Siva.