Author Topic: Sri Sankara Vijayam - 71  (Read 1615 times)


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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 71
« on: August 19, 2009, 11:21:03 AM »
In Sri Soundarya Lahari, Sankara describes the eyes of Mother
in eleven verses, Verse 48 to 58.  These verses share more than
10% of the total composition.  Eyes of god or goddess or a Jnani
are the most important aspect of his or her form.  Many devotees
have praised the eyes and gaze of Bhagavan Ramana.  Muruganar
has written a song called Tiru Kannokkam, in Sri Ramana Sannidhi
Murai, the gaze of Bhagavan Ramana.  Eyes are the windows through
which the grace of a god or a Jnani is emitted.

Verse 51:-

Sive srngaraardra tad-itara-jane kutsna-paraa,
Sarosa Gangayaam Girisa-charite vismayavati,
Haraahibhyo bhita sarasi-ruha-soubagya-janani,
Sakhisu smera te mayi janani drshti sakaruna.

O Mother! The expression of Your gaze at Siva is full of sentiments
of love.  At others with that of dislike.   Towards your co-wife
Ganga, you show anger.  On hearing the great deeds of Siva,
your eyes express wonder.  Towards the great serpents which
are ornaments of Siva, you express dread.  At the sight of your
friends, you show lighthearted sympathy, characterized by a
patronizing smile.  And towards me, a devotee, you have a
compassionate look.  And besides, Your eyes have the red-tinged
loveliness of a lotus flower, indicating heroism.

The verse speaks about 9 sentiments or rasas that are expressed
while dancing.  Here Mother, expresses all the nine rasas,
together, which is no possible by a human face.  The rasas are
love, disgust, anger, wonder, terror, heroism, mirth, compassion
and composure.  The last one is not stated, since composure or
santa is not a sentiment as per kavya-kartas., authorities of

Arunachala Siva.