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A Brahma Jnani's Eyes
« on: August 18, 2009, 10:57:12 AM »
A seeker of Truth, gives less importance to his body.  A Brahma
Jnani does not care for his body at all.  When Bhagavan Ramana
was, in the first two years, in Arunachaleswara Temple, Guru Murtham, and the Mango Grove, He did not take any food practically.  Only Pazhani Swami and Uddandi Nayinar were giving some cold rice
mixed in water, everyday once.  His body became skeleton-like.
He was very weak.  He could not even stand up without someone
else's help.  But even in those days, His eyes were brilliant
and shining like two red lotuses or coal fire!  One can understand
a Brahmajnani through his eyes, says Upanishads.

Sri Ramana Ashottaram (108 Holy Names of Bhagavan Ramana
Maharshi) gives two names to describe this state.  M. Sivaprakasam
Pillai has also mentioned about this.

Name 31:

Om taphaksapita sarvangaya Namah:

One whose whole body had shrunk by tapas.  Prostrations to

During these two years, Bhagavan Ramana was utterly oblivious
of His body.  He took no bath.  He was also sometimes naked.
Thus He was reduced to a mere bundle of skin and bones.
Seshadri Swamigal was also in that state for sometime.

Name 32:

Om phullambuja vilochanaya Namah:

One with eyes bright and beautiful like fully blown lotuses.
Prostrations to Him.

The face is the index of the personality. But the eyes are the
windows of one's Brahma Jnana.

Despite the body having been neglected, starved and shrunk,
the face of Bhagavan  was cool and charming and the eyes
arresting in their brightness.  He had just only these two
eyes in a beaming face.  The term pullambuja vilochana can
also mean, "One whose blossoming Heart Lotus shone through
the eyes"  says, Prof. K. Swaminathan.

Arunachala Siva.