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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 61
« on: August 12, 2009, 12:28:05 PM »
In Verse 4, Sankara sings the praises of Mother's feet.

Tvadanyah panibhaym abhaya varado daivataganah
Tvameka naivasi prakatita-varabhityabhinaya
Bhayat-tratum datum phalamapi cha vanchasamadhikam
Saranye lokanam tava hi charanaveva nipunau.

Unlike other gods, which shows two of their four hands, as
protection and boon-giving hands, Sri Lalita does not show
her hands like that.  We have seen Krishna having disc and
conchshell in two hands and the other two hands display
abhaya and vara mudras.  Sri Sarada in Sringeri, also holds
japa-mala and a book on two hands and shows the other two
as abhaya mudra and varamudra. 

But Sri Kamakshi or Sri Lalita Tripurasundari is unique.  You
can see this in Kanchipuram.  She has got a whip and short-arrow
on her two hands and sugarcane bow and flower arrow on the
other two hands.  She does not show abhaya and vara mudra.

Sankara says that Kamakshi or Sri Lalita has no need to show
abhaya and vara mudras.  Her feet themselves would do this work!
Why this uniqueness?  The hands should move for abhaya and vara
actions.  Her feet need not move.  Without moving themselves, they
shall confer protection and boons!  'Tava hi charanau eva nipunau..'
Your feet themselves are highly capable (nipunau) of conferring
abhaya and vara, i.e. granting boons and freeing us from fears.
Not only that, if you ask for one, say, freeing from fears, she
will give the other too, i.e. granting boons.  That is why they are
highly capable!

Bhagavan Ramana never gave his hands for abhahya and vara.
His feet alone are adquate.  He will gaze at you.  He will consider
you.  He will allow (and that too very rarely) touch his feet.
Guru-charanam are not for mediocre and wicked.  The feet would
be permitted to be touched only by chosen few.  Kavyakanata
Ganapti Muni touched His feet in the Hill, after a lot of mantra
sadhana and getting only a confused mind due to that.  His
touching of Bhagavan's feet, gave him, a fountain of Peace.
Annamalai Swami used to touch His feet, everday after the work
was over.  He not only touched His feet, but also held them on his
laps, sometimes kissed them too.  Muruganar used to touch His
feet and became a Manikkavachaga for Ramana-Siva.  He could
write Padamalai, Garland on Guru's Feet.  Bhagavan Ramana
rarely touched anyone with His hand.  Very few had this opportunity.

Bhagavan Ramana Himself says in Sri Arunachala Aksharamana Malai, how Arunachala, gazed at Him, considered Him and touched His
body too.

Nokkiye karudhi mei thakkiye pakkuvam
Akki nee andu aruL Arunachala.  (Verse 63)

Arunachala Siva.