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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 56
« on: August 11, 2009, 11:12:34 AM »
From Kasi, Sankara went to Dwaraka and then to Mathura.
In the Yamuna river, Sankara bathed meditating on Krishna's
form.  As he came out of the river, he found that his hands
were having sandal paste and turmeric powder and his head
had a Parijata flower and a long hair-line of a lady!  It is said
that Sankara upon meditation on Krishna, had the same sandal
paste and turmeric powder, the Parijata flower and a long
hairline of Radha, as Krishna took bath with Gopikas in Yamuna

This incident is mentioned in all Sankara Vijayam biographies.
How to react to this miracle?   

a. Sankara was a Brahma Jnani and he had transcended the Time
and Space, which were unreal to him.  So, what happened to
Krishna and Radha, when they were bathing, had happened to
Sankara too, because of his meditation, with bhava-bakti, devotion
with conviction.

Bhagavan Ramana has once, said, in reply to some question,
as to whether Indraloka and Chandraoka were true?:

Yes, they are very much true.  Even there, twenty persons like
you would be sitting before me and I shall be talking to them
as you are talking now!

For Ramana and Sankara, time and space has no meaning at all.

Time past and time future,
Are present in Time present!
Hurry up please, it is time,
Hurry up please, it is time!

                         - T.S. Eliot

b.  These miracles should be taken as they are, with a huge
doze of faith in our hearts.  If you try to understand them
with your intellect, you can never understand them. 

Muruganar said that instead of staying with Faith, that is my
housewife in my Heart, I was running behind the harlot of

Faith does not require any logic and rationcination.  Faith had
played an important role in the lives of all Saints and prophets
of all religions.  The dumb could speak, the blind could see and
the lame could walk, the schizophrenic could come back to normal
mind, when they had faith in Jesus' words.  Those who wanted
to understand his command intellectually, miserably failed in
their lives.  When Jesus was going on a boat with some disciples,
there was a storm and Jesus just walked out of the boat on water, and asking the disciples to come with him.  No one came with him.
He turned back and shouted:  "O Ye of little faith, how many times
can I teach you, how many times can I teach you?" 

Miracles go hand in hand with teachings of the great Jnanis or
avataras.  There is no Sermon on the Mount, without the bread
and fish miracle on the slopes of Mount Sinai.  There is no Ten
Commandments, without his resurrection or raising Lazrus from death.  One can never understand Jesus, or Sankara, or Bhagavan Ramana without reposing complete faith on their words and deeds.

c. A few can say, that Krishna and Radha lived around 3000 B.C, as per Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni's kala-nirnay, time calculations. Sankara lived around 700 AD.  There are 3700 years in between.  How can the sandal paste and turmeric and long black hairline remain in that river?

This doubt is again from our buddhi.  The intellect is ever bound in Time and Faith transcends Time.  Brahma Jnanis are ever in NOW, and past and future are not in their reckoning. 

There is an interesting anecdote by Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman about this "time business."

Arunachala Siva.