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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 54
« on: August 10, 2009, 07:29:07 PM »
Sri Dwadasa Linga Stotram:
Praising Twelve Siva icons in India.

1. I pray to Somanatha of Saurashtra (Gujarat), who is red as
Effulgence, pure, beautiful and who showers mercy to devotees,
to promote their devotion again, the Lord with crescent moon on
his matted locks.

2. I pray to Mallikarjuna of Sri Sailam (Andhra Pradesh), whose
hill is equal to Himalayas, who is ever swarmed by the honeybees
as circumambulations, the One who is the dam for the ocean of
the worldly life for ever.

3. I pray to Mahakaleeswara of Avanthika, (the present Malwa
region in Rajasthan)  who confers readily liberation to to devas
and ascetics, the One who is deathless and liberates devotees to deathlessness.

4. I pray to Omkareswara of (the present Kandwa region in
Madhya Pradesh) at the confulence of Kaveri and Narmada, the
One with out second.

5. I pray to Vaidyanatha in south-eastern region, who is ever
with Parvati and the One who is prayed to, by all householders
south of Vindyas.  (It is said to be near Hyderabad, near Samipatpani
Railway Junction.)

6. I pray to Sri Nageswara near Gomti river (near Dwaraka in
Gujarat), who is with all riches and confers the highest riches
called Liberation.

7. I pray to Sri Kedaswara in the valleys of Himalayas, in Kedarnath, who is non dual and is prayed to, by Yakshas, Nagas, devas and
demons in solitude. (This is about 200 kms from Hardwar.)

8.  I pray to Sri Tryambakeswara, in Panchavati (Nasik, Maharashtra, on the hill of Sahyadri, where devotees get their sin annulled. (This
is on the bank of Gautami river.)

9. I pray to Sri Ramanatha, on the confluence of Tambravarni
with the ocean, where Sri Rama prayed for completing the bridge
to Lanka.

10. I pray to Bheemeswara Linga, who ever loves his devotees,
even if they are demons, in the regions of Takini and Kakini.  (This
is said to be between Pune and Mumbai, on the bank of Bheema
river.  The hill is also called Takini.)

11. I pray to Viswanatha of Kasi, who is in the form of Bliss and
who wipes out all the sins of devotees, who dwell and die.

12. I pray to Krishneswara, ever merciful, the embodiment of
grace and kindlness.

I pray to the twelve Sivas in this work and let the devotees
get the grace of Siva, either by darsan or reading this work.

Arunachala Siva.