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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 47
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Tiruvidai Maruthur is also a town of reknon, where Sridhara Ayyaval,
lived in 18th century.  He was compatriot of Appayya Dishitar. 
Sridhara was a great Siva devotee, but following the path of Advaita.
One one Deepavail day, he made the well in the backyard of his
house, swell with Ganga water!  Sridhdara merged in Sivam in
Mahalinga Swami Temple.  This is about 1200 laters later than

Sankara came to Tiruvidai Maruthur and prayed to Mahalinga
Swami.  There is also one version of biography which says that
Sivananda Lahari was composed here and not in Sri Sailam.

Here Sankara met many Saivites and Vaishnavites.  They also listened
to his Satsangh but maintained that Siva/Narayana  is the primordial god and the godhead should be in form and not formless for effective prayer and meditation.  Sankara said that he was not opposing
Siva or Narayana, but Advaita maintains that one should go beyond
the form and have the formless Brahman within the Heart.  For
a true non dualist form-worship is not prohibited.   The form-
woship helps one to concentrate and meditate.  Karmas and bhakti
cannot be given a go by, just because you are an Advaiti.

The Saivites found reason in Sankara's line of debate but said:
Unless Mahalinga in the Temple agrees to the propostion of Advaita, they would not agree.  As Padmapada said earlier, one more circus game was getting ready.  Sankara smiled and said:  I am agreeable to this but let us wait till Full Moon day, upto which I shall meditate
in the Temple.  The debators agreed.  Sankara went into the Temple of Mahalinga and sat in meditation and soon got into Manonmani
Mudra.  He was silent as a waveless ocean, deep within the Heart and having a vision of Meda Dakshinamoorthy, the Dakshinamoorthy with a Veena on hand.

On the evening of Full Moon day, when the moon had risen on the horizon, the temple authorities invited both Sankara and the Saivites into the temple.  Sankara stood before Mahalinga and chanted
Sri Sivananda Lahari.  Soon, an extended hand was seen sprouting from the Linga, with a chin-mudra and declaring:  Advaitam Paramam Satyam, Advaitam Paramam Satyam, Advaitam Paramam Satyam.  The crowd went into raptures.  Some of the ardent Siva devotees had a darsan of Meda Dakshinamurthy and the direct teaching of Mahavakyam: Tatvam Asi.

Sankara said that Siva appeared before them as a Guru and gave that great teaching.  They can adopt Advaitam as way for attaining the Self, but this had not quarrel with Siva or Narayana worship.  In due course, such worships will also drop away and one would do only Self enquiry and attain Brahman which is Sat, the Substance, and also Chit, Knowledge, and Anandam, Bliss. 

Arunachala Siva.