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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 46
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Sankara then came to Sri Rangam, between the banks of Kaveri
and KoLLadam rivers.  He had a darsan of Sri Ranganatha and
sang the famous Sri Ranganatha Ashtakam.  It starts as: Ananda

In Sri Rangam, Sankara met two sub-groups of Vaishnavites under
Vyasadasa and Brahma Gupta.  The first group followed Saranagati
path and Karma anushtana path.  Saranagati path merely said, you
surrender to Narayana and he will take care of everything.  There
is no need even to do Gayatri japa and go to temples and do Vedic
sacrifices.  The Karma Anushtana path said that you do all karmas,
wear tulsi garland and Urthva Pundarikam (the red and white marks
on the forehead) and pray to Narayana's idol at home or temple.
There is no need to surrender to a Guru or even to Narayana.  The
karmas themselves will show the path to liberation.

Sankara explained to them how both the subgroups are following
incorrect paths without any investigation.  The ability to Saranagati,
will come only after following all the karmas that are applicable to
you, starting from Gayatri, Vibhuti or Urthva Pundarikam etc.,
Surrender fore-states the purity of mind.  Surrender is possible
only by sacrificing the ego and this becomes possible only when
the mind becomes pure first.  An impure mind, can never give
way to surrender.  Again, on the same count, mere performance
of karmas will not confer Jnana.  Karmas again gives you Chitta-
suddhi and with that purity of mind, one should explore the way
to liberation.  Both when done together and properly too, will
help you to enquire with Brahman within.

Both the groups were satisfied with Sankara's explanation and
they agreed to combine karmas and bhakti, and mature into
surrender which will only pave way for Jnana.       

Sankara said that the Guru's words should be totally adhered to.
One should never criticise the Guru even such a guru is not
beyond doubt and suspicion.  In case if one is not satisfied with
a Guru, one should take that guru's permission and seek another
Guru.  Sankara concluded that even a formless Guru is better,
since you can meditate on him, within, without any wavering
thoughts of suspicion and doubt. 

{In this connection, Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman said that
people find only such aspects of Guru as interesting, when their
ego seeks such aspects.  One gentleman from south went all the
way to Lucknow to have darsan of Nisargadutta Maharaj and he
came back only to say:  Maharaj is smoking beedies!  Sankara
emphatically says that one should never criticize a Guru even
such a guru is not beyond your doubt and suspicion.}

From Sri Rangam, Sankara came to Tiruvidai Maruthur.  This is
the temple of Mahalinga Swami - Siva.  This is about 6 kms from
Kumbakonam.  The temple is quite big.  Siva is called Madhyarjuna
because he is under a jasmine creeper.  This is also called Idai
Maruthur, because this temple is in between Sri Sailam and
Tirupudai Maruthur in Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu.
All the three temples have got jasmine plants under which Siva
is seated.

Arunachala Siva.