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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 44
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King Rajasekar was with Sankara for a few days.  Sankara asked
him, about the three puranic plays which he had written and shown
to Sankara, when he was six years old.  The king said that the plays
had been lost in a fire accident in the palace.  Sankara said:  Do not
worry.  They are good puranic plays and I shall repeat them.  You
can take down!  The king was astounded.  The boy who had heard
the plays read out to him, when he was six years old, said that
he would repeat them for taking down.  This is the power of memory
of a Brahma Jnani.  Such a Jnani displays tremendous power of memory because they always stay in Brahman, the knowledge of
everything.  We also know how Bhagavan Ramana used to tell
Vivekachoodamani verses, even though He had heard them only
once before.  In fact, He wrote Vivekachoodamani Tamil prose and
Atma Bodham Tamil verses, only with one reading of those works.

Sankara left Kaladi as a person of immense peace, for having completed the last job, he owed to his mother.  He travelled
via Tamil Nadu and first came to Rameswaram.  He prayed to
Ramalinga Swami, Siva, who was worshipped by Rama.  He
composed the famous Siva Panchakshara Stotram there.  It
starts as Nagendra haaraaya, tri lochanaya....

Sankara then came to Tiruchendur, one of the six barracks of
Skanda.  From here only, Skanda fought Surapadma and his
two brothers and released all devas from prison.  Here, he is
having a temple with his two consorts.  This is on the eastern
sea shore, almost at the tip of India.

Tiruchendur temple is almost on the sea shore.  This town has
witnessed a miracle in recent times.  During 2004 Tsunami, when Sri Lanka and even other coastal towns of Bay of Bengal, like Nagapattinam witnessed catastrophic calamities, Tiruchendur,
which is in between Sri Lanka and Nagapattinam, remained totally unaffected!  The sea is said to have withdrawn itself by a few kilometres without touching the sea-shore temple and the town!  It is a geophysical marvel for scientists.

Tiruchendur is famous for Muruga's power in curing diseases.
In the temple, which is managed by Kerla Brahmins, who are
called Pothis and who are very strict about their body purity,
taking bath three times a day and doing pujas with a wet dhoti, Vibhuti, the holy ashes, is given on a leaf of Javanthi tree.  This is called leaf-vibhuti and is quite potent in curing diseases.  Saint Nakkirar, has sung about this temple, in his Tiru Murgatru Padai, which is dated 3rd Century AD.  Many Tamil poets like Arunagiri Natha, Pagazhi Pulavar, Kumaragurupara Swami have sung on
this ancient temple of Muruga.

Arunachala Siva.