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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 43
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Aryamba then told Sankara:  My son!  I do not want to go to
any of these worlds like Kailas and Vaikunta.  I want to get
released from all these and get merger with the Principle, which
is formless and nameless.  Sankara then conferred her merger
with Brahman, without any own identity of hers.

As regards the ceremonies after liberation, there are several
heresay stories.  None of the biographies of Sankara give any
detailed account.  Sankara then composed his famous Matruka
Panchakam, the five verses on the Divine Mother.

The relatives in the village, refused fuel and fire to Sankara
on the pretext that a sannyasi cannot do cremation ceremonies
for a dead parent.  Sankara then picked up some plantain tree
trunks, created fire from his palm and cremated her in the
backyard of the house!   This news spread like wildfire and the
villagers and boys from Vedapatasala came to the house in large
numbers.  Sankara said:  O Mother, you wept on the other day
that I was embracing ascetism.  Today the Vedapatasala boys
are weeping for your great motherhood!

The fact that Sankara was not permitted to cremate his mother
had happened 1400 years back, when such rotten theories
were there in Hindu society.  By Ramana's time, these have been
weeded out.  Bhagavan Ramana not only treated her Mother
Azhagamma as an ascetic but also arranged for Samadhi in the
foot hills in 1922. 

On that night, when Mother Azhagamma passed away at around
8.00 pm., Bhagavan had been placing his palms on her chest and
head for about 3 hours.  Her vasanas and possible future births
came one by one like dreams and then vanished.  She merged
in the formless Brahman by that night.  Bhagavan Ramana told
the devotees:  Adakkam, Adangi vittathu....Subsidance, it has
subsided!....  He ate with others the supper and then asked them
to sing Tiruvachakam.  The songs were sung till day break.  Kunju
Swami was asked to bring the body to the foothills.  Kavyakanta
Ganapati Muni composed Aryambika Ashtakam, Eight Verses
on Mother Azhagamma that morning.

There are astounding parallels between Sankara and Bhagavan
Ramana.  Both conferred deliverence to their mothers.  A Brahma
Jnani, by his life alone, confers mukti for three generations before
him and after him, says scriptures.  But to be a mother of
a Brahma Jnani is the greatest gift for a lady.  Such is the
greatness of motherhood.  Motherhood is door to divinity.

Sankara was 26 at that time.  I shall try to get the Sanskrit
original of Matruka Panchakam, and post the translation in
due course.  It starts with Astham tapatiyam....

King Rajasekar came to see Sankara on hearing the news.  He
brought elephant-loads of gold and grains.  He prostrated to
Sankara and held his feet, in total devotion.

Arunachala Siva.