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Sivananda Lahari and Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
« on: July 27, 2008, 03:08:48 PM »
Sivananda Lahari of Sankara is a composition of 100 verses on Siva.
This poem is full of bhakti-bhava.  While Soundaya Lahari abounds
in mantra-sastra, and explains the purport of Sri Vidya through
Pancha-dasakshari - 15 letters - of Sri Lalita Tripura Sundari, and
Viveka Choodamani, explains the Jnana-marga. 

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi chose 10 slokas from Sivananda Lahari
and prescribed them for daily chanting for devotees.

The 10 slokas prescribed by Bhagavan are:-

1. Angolam ... 2. Bhaktir Mahesapada....   3. Jananamrudhi Udanam...
4. Katova.... 5. Vakshasthatana sangaya....   6.  Naradhvam Devdhvam....  7. Guhaayaam Keheva... 8. Kabire kasrare..... 9. Vatuturvaa kehee vaa...
10. Aadhya avidya.....

1. Angolam... Sloka 61.  Bhakti is thoughtless devotion and merger
into Siva, as the Azhingil tree attracts its seeds, magnet, the needle,
wife, her husband and tree, the creeper.

2. Bhaktir Mahesapada... Sloka 76. Bhakti which goes towards  Siva's holy feet, will confer a full and wholesome life to the devotee, as clouds give
rains aplenty to the river and makes it swell with water.

3.  Jananamrudhi udanam... Sloka 83.  Lesser who themselves take
birth and die confer little or no bliss.  One who prays to Siva, the
concorporate of Amba, becomes the receipient of limitless bliss.
4. Katova.... Sloka 6  Endeless disputes and arguments over religion
will not remove the great danger of death.  Leave them, avoid throat
sore, pray to Sambhu with a clear heart and get the limitless bliss.

5.  Vakshasthatana sangaya... Sloka 65.  Yama, the God of Death will
not come near the devotee,  as he is afraid of a kick on his chest*
and devas also prostrate him.  The Goddess of Liberation is always
with him.  To one who contemplates on your holy feet, what is
beyond reach?

* Yama got a kick from Siva, when he tried to catch Markandeya,
when the latter was worshiping Siva, holding Sivalinga with his hands.

6.  Naradhvam devadhvam.... Sloka 10.  Whether one is born as
man or as an angel or as a creeper in the hill or as a tree in the
forest or as a ferocious animal, or as a mosquito, or as a cow or as
a worm or as a bird, what does it matter to him?  If his heart could
dwell on your lotus feet and enjoy the limitless bliss, how he is born
does not matter at all.

7. Guhaayaam Keheva..... Sloka 12.  It does not matter when
one lives in a cave or in a home or in open space, or in forest, or in
a jungle or on a hilltop or in water or in fire, it makes no difference
or does it give any better benefit.  If one could constantly contemplate on your Holy Feet, he is the Greatest Yogi and he will get the eternal bliss.

8. Kabire kasare.... Sloka 9.  Inside the deep river or whirlpool or
in uninhabited dangerous jungle, or in broad valleys of a mountain,
a man searches for a flower to adorn you.  What is the use?  If one
could submit his lotus heart to your lotus feet, O Umakantha! that is
the best happiness, these people do not know, what a pity!

9. Vaturva kehivaa....  Sloka 11.   Let one be a celibate, or a householder, or a tapasvi or a muni or a simple man, it does not matter. One can
own you only if one could submit his lotus heart to you and you manage his entire burden in his life.

10. Adhya avidhya..... Sloka 91.  Chandrasekhara ! The ignorance
which filled my heart has totally been destroyed.  The Knowledge of
the Heart filled me.   I ever pray to your most beneficial lotus feet which
is the seat of liberation, ever and for ever.

Arunachala Siva.