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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 40
« on: August 06, 2009, 01:35:21 PM »
Padmapada proceeded to Rameswaram from Shrungagiri.  On his
way, he halted at Sri Rangam, his birth-place.  His uncle was there.
He stayed with him for a few days.  The uncle was listening to
Padmpada's Advaita way and his experiences with Sankara, his
Guru.  He also read out his Brahma Dandigam.  The uncle grew
jealous of Padmapada.  Further Sankara's sutram, Satyam Sivam
Sundaram Anantham Brahmam, did not please him.  He was a devotee of Sri Ranganatha, Narayana in Sri Rangam.  There was, of course,
no qualifed non dualism of Sri Ramanuja those days. (Sri Ramanuja
came 600 years later.), but somehow he preferred the form worship
of Narayana and could not comprehend formless Brahman and therefore Sivam.

Padmapada took leave of his uncle and went to Rameswaram.  He
was somehow restless in Rameswaram and so returned to Sri
Rangam, in a few days.  There, he found that the house where his
uncle was staying had been burnt due to some fire accident.  His
uncle escaped the disaster but Padmapada's books were all burnt.
This fire accident was contrived by the jealous uncle.  He came
from the next street and cried before Padmapada, for the loss.
Padmapada told him not to cry since he could remember in his
writings and he could repeat the Brahma Dandigam again.  This
made the uncle to grow further jealous about the nephew.  Padmapada was asked to stay for some more days and he agreed.

During this time, the uncle mixed unmatha leaves' juice in the food.
Padmapada became mad. He cried, danced, showed anger, became
silent for some time etc.,  He regretted for having not heard Sankara's Guru's words, forbading him from going out of Shrungagiri.  He
prayed to Sankara for his welfare.

Padmapada told his uncle that he would leave for Shrungagiri soon.  The happy uncle packed him fast to Shrungagiri, laughing within himself.

Padmapada came to Shrugagiri prostrated before Sankara.  He
wept miserably.  Sankara said:  "Do not worry.  Atma Anubhava,
once attained, shall never a person.  Even madness due to brain dysfunction will not affect the state of self realization.  Be with me.  Do not leave me."  He touched him on his head and blessed him.  Soon Padmapada became better, but he could not recollect the Brahma Dandigam.  Sankara said:  "Perhaps it is destined that none of you should write Vartikam on my Brahma sutra bhashyam.  Anyway, you take down slowly.  I shall tell you the Brahma Dandigam, and also further Vartikam."   He dictated the famous Panchapadiga, a layman's elucidation on his own Brahma Sutra Bhashyam.

In a few days' time, Sankara knew through his mediation that his mother was in death bed in Kaladi.  He remembered his words to his mother.  He rushed to Kaladi, skyward.

Arunachala Siva.