Author Topic: Sri Sankara Vijayam - 26  (Read 1708 times)


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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 26
« on: August 03, 2009, 03:33:49 PM »
Gangashtakam continues.....

9. Banish, O Bhagirathi! all my illness;
Take away my troubles, my sins and my grief.
Utterly crush my wanton cravings.
Goddess, supreme in all the world!
You, Mother Earth's most precious necklace!
You are my refuge here in this world!

10. Giver of delight to the gods in heaven!
Essence of Bliss, adored by the afflicted!
On me shower Your compassionate love;
He who has made Your bank his dwelling
Verily abides in Vishnu's realm.

11. Rather a fish or a turtle in Your waters,
A tiny lizard on Your bank, would I be,
Or even a shunned and hated outcaste,
Living but a mile from Your sacred stream,
Than the proudest emperor afar from You.

12. You, the auspicious Ruler of creation!
Daughter of a Sage and Mother benign!
Flowing Deity!  Veritable Goddess!
He who repeats this hymn to Ganga
Surely will succeed in everything.

13.  He who cherishes his Mother Ganga
Wins salvation with the greatest of ease.
This, Her hymn felicitous in rhythm,
Pleasant in the ear, to the tongue, like nectar.
Never surpassed , the wish-fulfiller,
Noble and exalted in mood, was written
In the mind-bewitching Pajjhatika metre*
By Sankara, servant of Sankara Himself,
Foolish mortal, given to enjoyment,
Read it daily for your lasting good.

The hymn, though titled as Ashtakam, runs to 13 stanzas.  There
are some internal evidences, while Sankara speaks about his illness.
His illness is somewhat due to his tiredness.  He also speaks of
sins, which may refer to his entering into King Amaruka's  body,
to learn about erotica to win the debate with Ubhayabharati.

* Pajjhatika metre, is a Sanskrit poetic structure suggestive
of the rippling waters of a river or a stream.   

Arunachala Siva.