Author Topic: Sri Sankara Vijayam - 25  (Read 1692 times)


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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 25
« on: August 03, 2009, 03:11:44 PM »
Sankara returned from Mahishmati.  This time, apart from Padmapada,
Sureswarar and Sarasavani also accompanied him.  Back to Kasi,
back to Ganga.  Kasi and Ganga are eternally fascinating, ever new,
ever fresh, like Annamalai and Unnamulai.  He composed the
famous Gangashtakam here.

1. Heaven-born river!  Bhagavati Ganga!
Goddess, Redeemer of all the world!
In ripples, Your waters palyfully are flowing;
You wander in Siva's matted locks,
Grant that my mind, O You who is stainless!
Ever may dwell at the lotus of Your feet!

2. Bhagirati!  Mother! Giver of gladness!
The scriptures celebrate the glory of Your stream;
But, I, alas! know nothing of Your glories.
Foolish as I am, do You redeem me,
You, the embodiment of merciful love!

3. Rippling, You flow from the feet of Hari,
Whiter than frost or diamonds or the moon,
O Mother Ganga! take away the burden
Of wicked deeds that weigh upon me;
Bear me across the ocean of the world.

4. He who has drunk Your refreshing waters
Verily has tasted of the Highest;
He, Your worshipper, O Mother Ganga!
Never will be seized by the King of Death.

5. Ganga!  Jahnavi! Saviour of the sinners!
Murmuring, You flow on Your broken stones,
Mother of Bhisma! Daughter of Jahnu!
You, the almighty conqueror of evil!
Truly You are blessed in all the worlds.

6. Like the celestial tree of wishes,
You grant the boons of men's desiring.
He who salutes You will not grieve again.
You sport, O Ganga, with the limitless ocean.
Wondering, the damsels of heaven regard You,
Watching with restless, sidelong glances!

7.  If, by Your grace, one battles in Your waters
Never again need one enter a mother's womb;
The sins of a lifetime for all annuling.
The claims of destiny at death dispelling.
Jahnavi!  Ganga!  The worlds accord You
Honour and renown for the glory that is Yours.

8. Brightly, O Jahnavi, Your waters sparkle,
You look on Your worshippers with loving glance,
Indra himself, the ruler of gods,
Bows to Your feet with his jewelled crown.
Giver of happiness!  Bringer of good fortune!
Help of Your bondslaves, hail in You!

to be continued.....

Arunachala Siva.