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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 12
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Sankara spent some more time in Kasi and he used his spare time
to write commentaries for ten major Upanishads and Svetasvatara
Upanishad.  He also wrote commentary for Vyasa's Brama Sutra.
He remembered to keep up the word to his guru Govinda Bhagavad-
pada and he wrote commentary for Gaudapada's famous Karika
on Maandukya Upanishad.  He also made a beautiful commentary
for Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

One day, a brahmin came from Sri Rangam.  He was well read and
his name was Sanantana.  He came all the way to Kasi to find a
guru for his fear of worldly life.  He met Sankara, prostrated to him
and said:  Sir, I am terrified by this worldly life.  I am in constant
fear.  As an ocean of grace, you should teach me the way out of
misery!  Sankara took him in his arms and said with abundant grace:
Do not worry, I shall make you stay permanently in the Self, where
there is nothing other than That.  Where is the question of fear?
Fear implies duality.  I shall remove the dual perception!

He took him as his first disciple.  This gentleman came to be called
Padmapada, due to some incident that had taken place later.
Sanantana was a Nrisimha Upasana.

One day, Sankara went to a Vedapatasala.  He was pleased to see
young boys chanting Vedas.  He met there an old man almost in
his 90s, who was trying to memorize Panini's grammar for Sanskrit.  He was wondering at this man's love for worldly learning. What use is this for him at such an old age?  Should he not keep up immensely
Silence and ponder over the Brahman?  What avail is this for him?

He immediately composed the famous Bhaja Govindam song.  It is
also called Moha mruthukaram.

1. Sunrise and sunset, daylight and darkness,
Winter and spring time, come and go,
Even the course of time is playful;
Life itself soon ebbs away;
But man's vain hope, alas! goes onward,
Tirelessly onward evermore.
Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda,
Worship Govinda, foolish one!
Rules of grammar profit nothing,
Once the hour of death draws nigh.

Arunachala Siva.