Author Topic: Sri Sankara Vijayam - 8  (Read 1873 times)


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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 8
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The Cosmic dance of Nataraja was going on.  It was in the Cosmos,
called Perambalam, the Big Hall of Siva.  The final phase is going on.
Patanjali and Vyakrapada are devotedly seeing the dance and listening to the sounds of the hand-drum.  Patanjali is a serpent,
and hence, he can listen the sounds very astutely.  He found a
pattern in the sound of the hand-drum of Nataraja.  "Om... a, e, u,
uN, rluk, aye, oh, ohm,  i, ouch, hayavarrat.., laN, gna,ma, jna, Nam,
japagn, ka,ta,tha, sh, ga,ba,ja,da, dhav, ka,pa,y, cha, sha, sa,r, hl...."   Patanjali felt that he could make a language, which is nothing
but the devas' language.  He called this sounds as Maheswara Sutra
and started Sanskrit language!  Vyakarapada, the tiger, also called
Panini, made the grammar for Sanskrit.  It is called Ashtadyayi!

Patanjali then mediated for a long time and then decided to impart
the Vedas, which are from the language that he had found, to his
disciples.  He called 1000 brahmins and made a congregation in
the Thousand Pillared Hall, of Chidambaram, and since he was a
serpent, he placed a screen betwen him and the thousand disciples.
He said:  Please listen to my Vedic teaching. Do not go away in the
middle.  Do not try to find out who is your teacher!

With this preliminaries, he sung the Maheswara Sutra and started
telling the Vedas and its purport to the disciples.  One of the boys
had an urgent nature's call.  He slipped out.  The remaining 999
were staying and listening.  Towards the end, out of curiosity as
to who this great teacher was, they opened the screen and they
found the 1000 hooded serpent.  Patanjali became angry and with
his eyes, he burnt them all.  Then he regretted of his folly and wondered as to how to gather another 1000 students.  Meantime,
the boy who slipped away for nature's call came back, in all humility.
Patanjali told him:  I shall tell you all that you have missed.  But
having gone out in the middle, you shall become a ghost and chant
this Vedic teaching till you get one, who could answer your queries!
Then, your ghost-form will end and you will become an angel.
The student heard the Vedic Teaching.  But became a ghost and
was hanging on a tree on the main road to Kasi.  He used to ask
the learned pandits some query.  But they will not be able to answer.
He killed them.  It went off like that.  One day a brahmin boy was
coming all alone.  The ghost asked the query.  The boy answered
correctly and the ghost was pleased and soon became an angel.
The angel then completed the teaching and disappeared to Heavans.

The student is Chandrasharma, who became the famous Gaudapada
later!  He was living in Kasi and meditating constantly on Siva.  He
asked Siva to give him liberation, but Siva said:  Please wait for
your disciple.  Gaudapada then thought that it should be better for sometime to write one commentary for Maandukya Upanishad, which he considered as the best among the 108 Upanishads.  He completed
his famous Gaudapada Karika, in verses, which is the epitome of
Advaita.  Soon, he found a boy from Naramada country and was
pleased with his humility and determination.  He inititated him on
the Vedic teaching and then receded in Pure Space.  The disciple
is Govinda Bhagavadpada.  After praying to Viswanatha and Visalkashi in Kasi, he returned to his Cave on the banks of Narmada river and again waited for his disciple. 

Sankara met Govinda Bhagavadpada at this Cave.

Arunachala Siva.