Author Topic: Ramana Anubhuti - (4) - Gurupada Ninaivu - Gurupada Smaranam  (Read 2332 times)


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The next portion of Ramana Anubhuti speaks about the
Guru Pada Ninaivu or Guru Pada Smaranam, the Remembrance
of the Holy Feet.  A sample,

" To the feet of my Guru, who banished my fear, uniting
me to Himself in that victorious state, which is illuminated
by Selfhood's Light."

" To those glorious feet of my Guru, thorugh which He
destroyed my false indentification with a personal "I"
and merging the three persons* into one, made me
know my true identity in Him." 

* means arrogance, karma and maya (delusion).

" "To His Holy feet, where divine silence arose like
the moon, spreading its cool radiance within my Heart,
so that I was no longer tormented by the burning heat
of my mind's confusion."

"To those Holy feet where the clear light of the Self
shines out as "I-I",  incomparably vaster and brighter
than any other light."

Arunachala Siva.