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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 14
« on: July 31, 2009, 11:02:33 AM »
It is the mind that creates all problems.  It is Maya.  Now, what
does Advaita Bodha Deepika says about Maya?

The Chapter I, Verses 84-89 say:  Just as the Supreme Self is
presented as "I", by the I-mode of Maya, so also It is presented
by the 'this-mode', as this universe with all its contents.

Devotee:  How?

Guru (in ABD): The power of multiplicity is the 'this-mode' whose
nature is to be imagining 'this' and 'that'.  In the Ether of
Consciousness it recollects the millions of tendencies, as 'this'
and 'that'.  Being stirred up by the latencies, the Jiva though
itself the Ether of Consciousness, now manifests as the individual
body etc., the external worlds and the diversities.

Devotee:  How?

Guru (in ABD): First, mind appears in the impartite Ether
of Consciousness.  Its movements from the aforesaid latencies
which show forth in various illusory forms such as "here is
the body with organs and limbs" -- 'I am the body'  --'here is
my father' -- 'I am his son' -- 'my age is such and such' etc., etc.,

Now all this is due to the mind, that appears first in the impartite
Ether of Consciousness!  Bhagavan says in Who am I?:  In death,
mind carries the prana and leaves.....  So this mind is the monkey which starts the whole game. 

This mind cannot comprehend the Brahman, the Self or Arunachala.  Even though Arunachala dances in the Heart of every one as 'I-I', it cannot comprehend that with its mind and buddhi.

This is Arunachala tattvam!

What does the verse in Sri Arunachala Maahaatymiyam says
about Arunachala?  Bhagavan has rendered this in Tamil verse.
The translation is as under:

Significance of Arunachala:  (Tr. Arthur Osborne)

The sudden rise of the blazing column of Annamalai in front
of Brahma and Vishnu and their utter distress at not being
able to know the same is symbolic of the Sphurna of the Heart-
Centre as the real Self of the intellect and the ego.

Here Brahma is symbolized as intellect / mind
And Vishnu as ego, ahankara. 

Or Brahma is also interpreted as learning
And Vishnu is interpreted as riches/wealth.

The mind and ego cannot comprehend the Self, Annamalai.
The learning and riches cannot comprehend the Self, Annamalai.

Arunachala Siva.