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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 7
« on: July 30, 2009, 12:57:21 PM »
The evil in this world does not permit easily a disciple to get
a perfect Jnani as a Guru.  They will make scientific enquiries!
Scientific enquiries cannot help Jnana.  We are all going behind
science.  Today, science has started seeing Jnana as a guide.
In the famous laboratory to find God's particle through a Large
Hadron Collider, in Swiss-French border, the scientists are
praying in the morning to the huge Nataraja icon, in the frontal
portico.  After daily prayer to Nataraja, they start their work.
The project is said to cost Rs 1,00,000 crores of rupees in the
conservative estimate.

There is a story.  There were ten child Satans and one adult Satan.
The children were nervous one day and told the adult Satan:  "Sir,
there is a Jnani in South India.  Already ten disciples are sitting
around him.  Soon they will all get Jnana and they will further spread
Jnana.  Then all of us will have no job.  The adult Satan said:  Do not
worry, boys.  Those ten fellows are our men.  They will mis-understand
the Jnani and spread mis-understood Truths.  Then, our job will go
uninterrupted!   We are having such satans as disciples and Jnanis
have become rarer....

Sankara and Govinda Bhagavadpada were a perfect match.  Narmada
added to the atmosphere.

Narmada is a river, which runs from east to west.  It is as famous
as Ganga.  It is called Ganga's daughter.  Pilgrims can circumambulate this river, which cannot be done with any other rivers
of India. One can start from Amarkant and go round the river and
come back to Amarkant.  This is supposed to take about one year
by foot.  There are small towns everywhere on the bank and one
can get roti and curry and tea.  Donors liberally give clothes to wear
and woolen blankets to sleep.  Narmada is where one gets small
Sivalinga stones which is sacred for Puja.  It is said to be more effective than Salagrama of Gandaki river.  Narmada is deep but
clear water and one can see the bottom like a glass panel. Narmada
flows in quick whirlpools, like a young daughter hopping and walking!
The trees on both sides have more herbals than Himalayas.  The climate is temparate and not icy like Himalayas.

Govinda taught all the Upanishads, Brahma Sutram and Siva agamas,
and also taught the Mahavakyas and their purport to Sankara.  He
also explained to him, the famous Gaudapada Karika of his Guru
Gaudapada for Maandukya Upanishad, which is the summum bonum
of Advaita Siddhanta.  He also taught him Sakti Upasana technics to
Sankara.  Sankara spent three years with Gaudapada, that is between
his 8th and 11th year.  Then, he initiated Sankara to krama sannyasa.  He then bid him good bye and returned to Chidambaram.

Before Sankara left his Guru for Kasi, there was a miracle.  There
were huge floods in Narmada.  The villagers and townsment cried
in fear and rushed to Govinda's cave, which was on a higher level.
There was no food.  The flood was unabating.  The Guru is in deep
meditation.  Sankara then placed his water-bowl on the bank of
river and prayed.  The floods receded into his water-bowl!

Now a little further diversion about Govinda and Gaudapada's
early lives.

Arunachala Siva.