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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 13
« on: July 29, 2009, 03:39:19 PM »
The second two lines of the Benedictory Verse are as under:

hrnnisthah svagabhitiranitya tapsya lokanpunasyekarat
tasmai sri ramanaya te nama idam lokottarjyotise

To You who gained new birth by remembering the feet of
Arunachala-Siva and, swept away by the vast, swelling
tide of His grace divine, became Himself.  To you who dwelling
in the Heart as sole monarch, purify the world by constant tapas.
To you, Sri Ramana, the world-transcending light, we offer adoration.

So, with Guru's grace, the Maya becomes effectless and we should
ever remember the Guru/Arunachala/the Self to become the
world-transcending light.

Now, let us see some more verses of Vartikam:

Making clear that essential Nature of Siva, the Supreme Self,
the Guru teaches the blessed truth, that He Himself is our own
Real Self.  (Vartikam 36)

He Himself dwells in the hearts of all as the Real Self and shines
as "I" without a break.  There is no other self.  This is the essential Nature of the Supreme One.  (Vartikam 37)

By the word  "dance"(in the text), it is shown that like the Self
is of the Nature of Bliss.  Thus it follows that the True Self is not
Relativity, that is, worldly life, bondage. (Vartikam 38)

The use of the word 'dance' here indicates the Bliss-Nature of the
True Self.  This is Lakshmana Sarma's interpretation.  But Kapali
Sastri says the dance also means the movement, because in
Infinity, the movement and non movement becomes one and the

To the ignorant, it is as if the Lord Himself becomes deluded by
His own Maya and is wandering in Relativity.  But this Maya has
no real existence. (Vartikam 39)

(Maya is just mentioned at first, as the cause of the world-
appearance because the novice cannot at once be told that the
Self alone exists.  The final teaching is neither Maya nor its effects
have any existence, because they do not survive when the Experience
of the Self is won.)

By implicatin, the physical body and the rest (the five sheaths),
which are not the Self have been excluded (from the description
of the Self), and hence (the disciple) should renounce the notion
that the Self is any of these.  (Vartikam 40)

We are He alone -- not bodies, nor even souls.  There is no
Ignorance (Maya), nor Relative Existence.  This is the utter
Truth.  (Though Reality is not a negation, it can be expressed
only by negations.)  (Vartikam 41)

As in dream, so in waking also, the mind imagines bodies, souls,
and objects.  What is called Maya is nothing but the mind.
(Vartikam 42)

I think, we should at this stage, also take the help of Advaita
Bodha Deepika as to what is said by that scripture on Maya.

Arunachala Siva.