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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 11
« on: July 29, 2009, 01:36:53 PM »
Now, let us see how Arthur Osborne, comments on the Verse 2.

"This Sloka refers to God as the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer,
and then as realized by the enlightened.  The liberated say that
just as God is the stay of the universe, so also, the Heart, of the
individual.   The part must be of the nature of the whole.  The
whole (God) is Infinity.  Therefore there is no distinction between
the Heart and God."

God is Consciousness, as also is the Heart, Self-contained and
sublime, it manifests as the individual self concomitantly which
as individualising force perceptible as the 'ego' or 'I'.  If the ego
is traced back, they say that there becomes percptible as a vibration
from the Heart, signifying the real Self.

Sri Lakshmana Sarma continues in his Vartikam:

The world is in truth the One, in whom it arises and vanishes.
What it is before and after, that it is in the middle also, just
as jewels are gold at all the time, before they were made and in
the interval before melting.  (Vartikam 32)

By this discrimination of the Truth from Its appearance, one should
resolve the world into the True Self, for it is by the resolution of
the appearance into Real, thus seeing the world not as such, but
as the Real, that the mind becomes able to seek the Self. (This
Quest is the core of the teaching.)  (Vartikam 33)

Also in this hymn, the mode of the Quest of the Self is shown.
By that Quest one gets established in his own Real Self, through
the extinction of the world illusion.  (Vartikam 34)

In this verse, the Supreme Self has been relatively described.
His essential Nature has also been shown by implication, as
can be seen.

(The essential Nature is his Swarupam.  The auxillary nature is
creation, sustenance and dissolution.  The Guru shows his Nature
and also confers Grace to realize the nature.  The effulgence of
Heart, which is Arunachala is the Guru's essential nature and his
Grace is for the genuine seekers to realize the nature of Arunachala.
Bhagavan Ramana considered Arunachala as His Guru and the benedictory verse in 108 Names, says the same thing:

yah sthano-arunachalasya padayoh smrtyajanim prapyata
ddivyanugraha-supravaha-vivasastamyabhavabhavam gatah.)

Arunachala Siva.