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Ramana Anubhuti - (3)
« on: July 27, 2008, 12:38:05 PM »
The second portion of Ramana Anubhuti, speaks about Guru
Anugraha Anandam, the inexpressible joy of Guru's Grace.
A sample,

"Could it be a simple matter for a pauper such as I to describe
the vast splendour of the glorious experience of Lord Siva, when
in the presence of the Lord, the mind is abolished in the state
of total surrender?  Can the words even of a poet give expression
to it?"

"He is the wisest of the sages.  He is the Primal Being who
imparts clear understanding so that the sense of doership is
removed from our actins.  He is the unique Master, who through
His gracious bearing foorded me his blissful compassion so that
I suffered no more."

" Final liberation in Lord Siva is gained through the
perfection of knowledge, when it is suffused by the light
of His hold, did the Lord speak as He brought my own consciousness
to that same state of perfection at the feet of Brahman."

" As soon as I sought asylum in the protecting embrace of the
Self, whose glorious form shines with the noble radiance of the
Supreme, the sorrowful delusion of birth and death receded from
me, and I tasted the intoxicating liquor of the experience of Sivahood."

Arunachala Siva.