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Sri Arunachala Panchartnam - 9
« on: July 29, 2009, 11:18:28 AM »
Bhagavan Ramana does not use the word Atma at all in the Tamil
Verse. In Sanskrit version, he uses the phrase:  hrdyahamityatmatya..
In Tamil he uses the word: Idayam, Heart.

Atmata, the nature of Atman.  You in the nature of Atman, dance
in the Heart, in the subtle space as the "I".  This subtle place and
the nature of the Heart has been explained in detail in ULLadu
Narpadu, Sad Darsanam, Anubandam, Supplement.

The forms Asmi and Aham are both derived from the word Asmat.
O Lord, you dance incessantly in the Heart as 'I AM'.  The Bible
also says I AM.  For that reason, your name is Heart. 

Dance means the incessant sparkling as the "I".  Only when
the seer glows as I AM, the visions of all this takes place.  It is
the dance of the unmoving.  Rachitachala Tandavam. Only there
the matters of seeing and not seeing the world picture is brought
about. By this the eternal nature of the Supreme Self and the
transience of the world, is substantiated. 

As long as one sees the picture of the external world, one does
not get the direct vision of the Infinite Form, as the basis of this
picture.  Bhagavan Ramana says in Who am I?:  When the world
is seen, the Self does not shine.  When the Self shines the world
does not appear.  But most of us are seeing only the world.  It
is dukka, misery.  Bhagavan Ramana again says in Who am I?:
When the world appears there is misery.  When there are no
thoughts, the world does not appear. It is all Ananda, Bliss.

It is like seeing the printed letters and the paper.  When we see
the printed letters, the paper does not shine.  When one could
see the paper shining, the printed letters disappear.  The paper
remains for ever.  Like the cinema screen, which is permanent
and only the films do come and go.

When once the eye is turned away from seeing the picture, the
infinite form which is the plank on which the picture is drawn,
the absolute limitless vision alone remains.  That vision is the
Heart, the prop of the conviction I AM.  This is the meaning indicated by the word "I", the Supreme Self called Arunachala, in whom
the worlds rise and set and by whose dance are conducted the
internal activities and external affairs.  The dance is Uma, Unnamulai, Mahamaya.  Arunachala is the Self, Brahman.

Arunachala Siva.