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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 8
« on: July 29, 2009, 10:47:19 AM »
Let us futher look into this second verse. 

In the verse, the form of Supreme Self is denoted with reference
to the world.  To denote the distinctness of the world, the word
Jagat has not been used.  It has been simply pointed out as 'all
this' and the qualities of a picture are imposed on it.  Therefore,
it is clear that the picture of the Jagat cannot be held without
the canvas of the Supreme Self, here Arunachala.  It is in
Arunachala that the world appears, stays and dissolves.  Arunachala
is not in the world.  It is in the mind.  The mind is compressed body!
So, the mind is in the Self.  Body is also in the Self.  The world
is also in the Self.  All are in the Self.  Nothing is outside the
Self.  Therefore, the Self or Brahman or Arunachala, is the One
without a second.  Arunachala is the advaitic principle.

The whole picture, is not only a picture, Chitram, but also a Chitram,
a great Wonder.  Moving and unmoving are both contradictory
like darkenss and light.  Even then, it is seen that by a special
force, which excels in making the impossible happen, out of the
Self or Arunachala, all these rise and set.  To denote that there
is no material cause other than Arunachala or the Self, for the
picture of the universe, Twai, in Thee, the locative is used.

Even though Arunachala's status acts as a basis and support
for the picture of the multitudes of universe, Arunachala,
is the instrumental cause for all that and Arunachala shines
within everything.  This is explained in the second half of the

How can unmoving, dance?  Do not ask such questions.  Once
a devotee asked Sri Ramakrishna:  What is God now doing?
Sri Ramakrishna answered:  He is busy pushing a camel into
the needle's eye.  Nothing is impossible for the Self or the God
or Arunachala or Brahman.  He is Rachitala Tandava.. The One
who moves not and also dances!  He is infinite.  In Infinity, impossible
becomes possible.  Mathematics says:  That two parallel lines
meet at infinity.  The Mathematics does not say, that the two
parallel lines shall never meet!  It will meet at Infinity.  This
Infinite Principle is Godhead or Brahman.  There is one holy
name under 108 Holy Names of Bhagavan Ramana.  Om Rachitala
Tandavaya Namah.  Salutations to the One who is unmoving and dances!

Arunachala Siva.