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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 7
« on: July 28, 2009, 02:23:28 PM »
Let us see Bhagavan Ramana's Sanskrit Verse 2.

Tvayyarunachala sarvam,
Bhutva sthitva pralinameta cittram,
Nrtyasi bhoste vadanti hrdayam naama.

Sri Lakshmana Sarma, WHO, has written one paraphrased
verse in Sanskrit and then 29 Sanskrit verses to explain the
purport of the second verse.

Sri Lakshmana Sarma says in the varttikam first verse.  "Many
are hindered (from making the quest here taught) because
they think the world is real.  Some are afraid of this State,
thinking that It is one of self-extinction.  The second verse
has been said for clearing these two doubts."  "Here also are
shown, for increasing our devotion, to the Supreme Being.  His
relative and essential nature, Thatastha Lakshanam and Swarupa
Lakshnam of Brahman.

Kapali Sastriar translates the verse as:

O Arunachala, in Thee does all this come into being, get established,
and dissolved.  Wonder!  In the Heart, thou dancest as the I, the
Self.  They speak of Thy name as the Heart.

Sastri also says that Arunachala is the Light Immutable.
Etat sarvam, bhutva, pralinam... This all which is seen, this
picture having come into being, and having itself established,
becomes dissolved.

Thou art he from whom the creation, sustenance and dissolution
of this entire picture of the world take place.  By this, the form
of Supreme Being is denoted with reference to the world.  By
saying that all this is a picture or even a wonder!  The import
is extended to Arunachala (which is Sivam, Brahman) on which
the picture is drawn.

Arunachala Siva.